Terror Strikes France…Again

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Bastille Day also known as National Day, commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison during the French revolution in 1789 and is much like America’s 4th of July celebrations with fireworks and large crowds. Just the type of celebration that terrorists love to attack, and once again, they did.

Nice, France

73 dead and 100 injured when a terrorist drove a large truck through crowds and over bystanders on the Promenade des Anglais. The people had just finished enjoying a fireworks display in the beautiful city by the sea when the truck deliberately targeted as many people as it could.

People on social media reported gunfire immediately after the truck plowed thru the people, and photos show the truck with many bullet holes in the windshield. It is still unconfirmed if the truck occupant was firing at people or if it was only the police shooting at the truck to stop its rampage. We do know that the driver was killed by police.

We will have details when they become available, but is this really shocking anymore? Once these terrorists gain a hold in any country, they start to destroy it on several fronts, terrorism being one that our governments simply cannot hide. Crime and rape can be under reported as they often are (see Germany), but these large scale attacks by ISIS, Al Qaeda or other groups are simply too big to hide.

This was no accident or driver with a heart attack, there were firearms, explosives and grenades inside the truck. Even though there was only one terrorist, the explosives prove that this was no lone wolf attack as sourcing that and grenades takes many people with connections.

Imagine how many people could have been killed if the explosives were able to be used, there are reports that up to 40,000 people were in the area celebrating Bastille Day.

The incident started with the driver shooting at people in a crowd before driving the truck past barricades and running people down for around 2 km (around 1.2 miles). The raw images of the dead are truly horrific and something no one should ever have to see.

ISIS Celebrates

There were scores of ISIS members, supporters, etc. celebrating this horror on social media. These people are thrilled that the body count was so high, expect more attacks like this all over the world.

Once again we will be told that these people do not represent Islam and that the terrorists are only a small fraction (5 to 10%) of Muslims in the world, but to take a page out of the anti-gun playbook, at what point do the law abiding Muslims need to have restrictions placed upon them because of those few?

France has a huge Muslim population and therefore a huge problem with these extremists. They have issues with both home grown ISIS sympathizers as well as immigrants that support the domination of Islam over the world.

Once again ISIS (or whichever group is truly behind this) is showing us that they will never stop and that Islam cannot exist with the rest of the world as long as even a small percentage of its followers can be persuaded to commit these horrific acts.

Attacks of this nature cannot be stopped, France has been on High Alert since the Paris attacks and were only just getting ready to scale back their security measures.


Bill Kendall