80% Polymer AR-15 Lower Receiver and .308 Lower Receiver – Production Update

80% Polymer AR-15 Lower Receiver and .308 Lower Receiver – Production Update

August 11, 2018

Check out this very brief video update:

  1. We are currently selling the 80% .308 Lower Receiver at Wholesale Pricing.
  2. Polymers are in stock and shipping
  3. .308 Upper Receiver is scheduled to run Op1 this weekend. Will follow up with video progress update.

Product Updates – .308 80% Lower Receivers, Polymer AR-15 80% Lower Receiver & Other Developments

This blog will serve the purpose to update our Customers as to the status of production on our .308 80% Lower Receivers, Polymer AR-15 80% Lower Receivers, and new developments in jig engineering and compatibility:

.308 Lower Production Update:

Right now we are complete with our first article for production and are currently in production. We anticipate shipping the first parts within 1-1.5 weeks time. See below short video of our first article off of the machine:

.308 Lower Jig:

Right now wie have our jig design in stock (less than 50 at this time) and we intend to fire-sale the remaining jig assemblies we have in stock in order to open up for the next development in jig engineering.

5D Tactical Jig (Complete your lower in Under 30 Min. with a Router):

For some time there have been jig designs available which allow the user to complete their 80% Lower with a Router. Unfortunately, our 80% .308 Lower has not been compatible with the jig systems which have been available, however, we have identified a new jig design developed by 5D Tactical, a Massachusetts based company, which is compatible with our .308 Lower!

Now, we have no co-ownership, shared ownership interest with 5D Tactical other than recognizing the fact they have developed a fantastic jig design which allows users to complete our lower with tools available commercially off the shelf, in under 30 minutes time.


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