Stand with, Pray for, Unite with…Just Don’t Be Like Brussels

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I’m sure you are seeing it all over social media, Pray for Brussels, Stand with Belgium, Unite with Brussels, etc. It makes everyone feel good to change their Facebook page image to a Belgium flag or some other symbol of solidarity, and that is fine, I’m all for it, but it just isn’t enough.

Saying these things and posting these images make us feel good and help people feel like they did something about a very bad situation, but these radical Islamists hope that is all you do, because it does not stop them or change their goal of a world dominated by Islam.

Brussels Attacks

Only a day after the Belgium minister warned of revenge attacks after arrest of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam, Brussels was rocked by explosions. ISIS has claimed responsibility as a revenge for the capture of their member Salah Abdeslam.

So far there have been at least 31 people killed and 187 injured from the three explosions that ripped through the Brussels airport and a metro station on Tuesday. Security services found and destroyed a third bomb after two blasts at the airport killed at least 11 people and injured around 100.

Alphonse Youla, 40, who works at the airport, told Reuters he heard a man shouting out in Arabic before the first explosion. “Then the glass ceiling of the airport collapsed.” “I helped carry out five people dead, their legs destroyed,” he said, his hands covered in blood.

A photograph of three male suspects was taken at Zaventem Airport. Two of them seem to have committed suicide attacks. The third, wearing a light-colored jacket and a hat, is actively being sought after he had been seen running away from the airport building. Local media said police had found an undetonated suicide vest in the area.
Officials said 20 died on the metro train close to European Union institutions. It was unclear still what caused the blast but a news agency linked to Islamic State said that too was a suicide attack.

Two, possibly three intact explosive devices have been found in raids conducted at more than one location in Brussels, two law enforcement officials tell NBC News. It was reported earlier that an IED containing nails was located during raids in the Schaerbeek neighborhood, but it is not clear where these newly reported discoveries were made.

Salah Abdeslam

The arrest of Salah Abdeslam several hundred yards from his family home left authorities trying to determine the extent to which Europe’s most wanted man relied on friends, family and the larger Muslim community to stay undetected since the Nov. 13 attacks.

Officials said the investigation into the Paris attacks suggests that fighters trained in Syria could enter Europe as refugees and then tap such a network of local sympathizers to prepare new strikes. The number of people “in the know” suggests that more than just terrorists are involved and that the “peaceful Muslims” have helped or at least turned a blind eye to the fighters amongst them.

Belgian officials say two months before the November Paris attacks, Abdeslam linked up with fighters from Syria. Salah Abdeslam picked up both Mr. Kayal and Mr. Belkaid in Budapest, where they had taken cover in the wave of Syrians fleeing war, officials said.

A U.S. official said Islamic State has been hiding fighters without European passports in the flow of migrants. “They are taking advantage of the migrant crisis,” said the official.

Investigators haven’t determined precisely where Salah Abdeslam met the other fighter, Mr. Choukry, and brought him to Brussels, but it was also allegedly ahead of the Paris attacks. The two men were stopped and fingerprinted in Germany on Oct. 3.

A French national, the 26-year-old Abdeslam grew up in Molenbeek, a poor but gentrifying neighborhood of Brussels with a large Muslim population. Molenbeek appears to be one of the places where the Paris attackers organized the November terror.

Abdeslam told Belgian investigators that he had originally intended to blow himself up on Nov. 13 with other suicide bombers at the Stade de France soccer stadium, but he changed his plans at the last moment.

Open Borders

“People are coming over from Syria constantly,” said Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens on television on Sunday. “They are unknown to us; often they haven’t been to Europe before. That’s a challenge we face: the cooperation between local networks that are very integrated and people who are trained and come from the Middle East.”

Muslims are concentrated in certain areas of Belgium like Brussels where 25% of the population are Muslim. Other areas may have much lower concentrations like the 4.0% in Wallonia and 3.9% in Flanders.

Europe has been flooded by Syrian refugees, with reports of attacks, rapes and unrest in Germany, France, Britain, Sweden and more countries in the EU.
Syrian Christians and non-Sunni Muslims have been singled out for persecution by ISIS and other jihadist groups fighting there, yet 93% of Syrian immigrants to the U.S. have been Sunni Muslims.

Islam will become the second-largest religious group in the United States by 2050, according to a report from the Pew Research Center. Islam’s spectacular birthrates, the relative youth of Muslims and the increase in Muslim immigration into the United States combine to account for its accelerated growth rate in the U.S.

As the fastest-growing religion in America, by the year 2050, the number of Muslims is projected to more than double, surpassing Judaism as the country’s second-largest religious group after Christianity. Those identifying with Islam are projected to comprise 2.1% of the U.S. population.

One major concern is the dismal rate of integration of Muslims into other cultures, they simply do not care for the laws and traditions of the countries that are taking them in and want to make those countries Islamic.

Even the “Great melting Pot” the United States has had an issue with Muslim integration when a recent poll showed over 51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia law to replace American law and 60% of young Muslims said they were more loyal to Islam than to the U.S.

Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the top Muslim lobby group in Washington: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

In the last 2 years, at least 80 ISIS supporters have been arrested in the United States that were making plans for attacks or supplying goods and funds to ISIS to support them in Syria or Iraq. As we start to take in more refugees, this number will increase, we just have to hope we catch them before they are allowed to strike out at Americans.

Security Increased

Security all over Europe and the U.S. has been increased, but the attacks show how meaningless security preparations actually can be since Brussels was already on high alert because of the arrest of Salah Abdeslam.

There are simply too many “soft targets” in our country to effectively protect and the increase of security at airports in the U.S. since 9-11-01 has managed to catch no terrorists at all. Meanwhile the TSA has had more than 400 employees that had to be fired for theft or various other crimes.

The attackers in Brussels knew they could not get through the security measures in place to get near the aircraft, but the ticketing lines are always packed with people and are not secured locations. There are many locations like this where there are many people crowded together with no to minimal security.

Is Islam Dangerous?

A recent poll in Denmark showed that Muslims are now more likely to take the word of the Quran literally, and that the teaching of the Islamic holy book should be implemented directly. In 2006 62% of the people agreed with the statement “the Quran’s instructions should be followed completely”. That number has grown to 77% today, a very strong majority.

While we constantly hear that the more violent verses of the Quran, which includes commandments to slay the enemies of the religion, have been taken out of context or are not to be interpreted literally, the view of three quarters of Muslims living in Denmark seems to contradict this view.

The Quran does contain at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

The Holy Bible also contains violence but unlike the Quran, it is usually held in a historical context and not used as open ended marching orders for the religion. But all Muslims do not follow the Quran in the literal sense and interpret it somewhat differently.

Most contemporary Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book’s call to arms according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence. Their apologists cater to these preferences with tenuous arguments that gloss over historical fact and generally do not stand up to scrutiny. Still, it is important to note that the problem is not bad people, but bad ideology.

Protecting ourselves from radical Islam is a losing proposition and one that can ever be done well enough to ever feel safe again. We must stop them by killing them. You cannot hug away the hatred or pray away the barbaric actions of these people as I have seen some suggest, you have to kill them.

Bill Kendall