Silicon Valley Tech Giants – Coordinated Censorship and Suppression of Dissent

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The ongoing and coordinated effort to censor and suppress political opposition on the Part of the Silicon Valley Tech Giants is nothing new, we have been shadow banned for years on these platforms. With that said the censorship and suppression has only increased to a point of out right banning. We are not fans of many of the individuals banned, however, we understand the blatant hypocrisy and opaque double standards being applied by these companies.

In response, we have deleted our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We do not support nor wish to promote these platforms.

We still have a Youtube account – however, we are actively working on building our audience on alternative, blockchain based, platforms.

We are very aware all of our Youtube content and Subscribers can be memory holed in a matter of seconds.

We are also working on growing our own research community platform:









We are actively working on developing our non-traditional marketing strategy given the current political climate.