San Bernardino Shooting Follow Up – Terrorism Strikes At Home

Information continues to come from the investigation into the shooting at the Inland Resource Center in San Bernardino, California yesterday. The more information that comes out, the more this looks like Syed Farook; an American born Muslim of Pakistani decent was radicalized and planned a terrorist strike on US soil. What it does not look like is everything the media is telling you it is.


Updated Numbers

The death toll thankfully has not gone up and remains at 14, the number of wounded did climb to 21 however. Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik shot between 65 and 75 rifle rounds at the holiday partygoers and left behind three pipe bombs tied to a remote controlled car being used as a remote detonator.

Syed purchased the two 9mm handguns legally and someone else possibly loaned him the two legally purchased AR-15 rifles, more follow up on the rifles is expected. It is illegal in California to transfer any weapon to anyone (even a family member) without going through a background check. The two suspects also fired another 70 rounds at the police from their rented Ford Expedition while the police returned fire with upwards of 300 rounds into the vehicle killing them both. Dead suspects cannot answer questions.

Why This Is Terrorism and Not Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a real thing, and can often be deadly, but while the media continues to play this angle up, let us be honest, there is no way this is workplace violence. This premeditated attack required planning and some level of logistics to carry out.

The number of loaded magazines, pipe bombs wired together, the number of pipe bombs and bomb-making materials at the residence indicates a terrorist cell of some type. Syed Farook did not get angry while attending a work holiday party and just go grab a gun from his vehicle, he returned wearing black clothes, load-bearing vests carrying magazines loaded and ready to inflict casualties.

How many terrorist cells are already in place waiting to strike? It is a sobering thought, and this is before the administration allows thousands of refugees into the country. If an American born son of Pakistani immigrants can be turned into a radical who does not value the lives of people he works with, what will it take to push refugees that lost their homes due to the American backed overthrow of their government back home?

If this terrorist cell went unnoticed, how many more in Southern California are out there? How many in other locations across the country are ready to strike at Americans that are being disarmed further by the very same politicians that are supposed to be representing them?

Pattern to Consider: Multiple Shooters attacking Soft Targets, this may be a part of a broader ISIS Sleeper Cell Strategy.

In Addition, the use of Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf items to build Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) indicates a rudimentary level of training, which just so happens to be right out of the ISIS Terrorist Cook book, a fact well known to the Department of Homeland Security.

Travel Abroad

Syed traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2013, possibly for the Haji and to bring his soon to be wife, Tashfeen Malik, whom he met online, home to the US with him. The couple also traveled to Pakistan and other locations in 2014. This travel is, as would be expected under scrutiny by investigators trying to piece together a motive for the killings.

CNN reported that Farook had been in touch over the telephone and via social media with more than one international terrorism subject who was being investigated by the FBI. How this communication with even one terrorism suspect did not send up red flags and put him under suspicion calls into question what all the exposed illegal surveillance that includes listening to our calls and reading our emails was really all about.

Things That Do Not Fit With What We Are Being Told

This could be a long article if I were to go over everything that does not make sense about this incident or with what we are being told, but I will touch on a few items that really stand out. Initial reports were of three white males attacking the location and leaving in a black SUV, yet the suspects were a male and female of Middle Eastern decent found 4 hours later in the very same black SUV?

Is the false reporting of three white males simply due to the

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