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  • Genesis .308 Upper Receiver $149.99 – DEAL!

    Upper Receiver in Stock.

    In designing the Genesis 308 Upper Receiver, great care has been taken to ensure a high degree of precision. With special attention taken in the barrel extension area. The precision machining in the face of the barrel extension seat and bore diameter will allow you to build a more precise rifle.

    With our Gen-2 308 Upper Receiver, the current owners of  high-end rifles such as LMT® / KAC™ / La Rue™ / Les Baer™ and Armalite™ now have the option to change the configuration of their rifle to meet their needs. Whether you wish to set it up for competitive shooting, Hunting, or set up a Long Range Precision Rifle without having to purchase a complete new rifle.

    View our FAQs for more information

    $325.00 $229.99
  • $7.95
  • Genesis CNC Polymer 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver

    Key Design Features:

    Thickened design in Key areas, including:

    Magazine well thickness and internal bevel

    Rear Take-Down Pin re-design to increase material and fortify part in critical area.

    Brass Inserts at the Pistol Grips and Buffer Tube Tower

    Increased thickness at the Buffer Tube Tower

    Tactile Locator Raised Domes for Trigger Finger


    Two Side plates which both indicate on the part in multiple locations and screw together.

    Top Plate press fit into the side plates which allows for the Rough Pass, leaving 1/32” in width and depth for finish pass.

    Drill Bits required to complete but NOT Included – Will be sold Separately:

    7/16” End Mill (FCP)

    5/16” Drill Bit (Trigger Pin Hole)

    3/8” Drill Bit ( Safety Selector Hole)

    Watch The Genesis Product Intro Here

    Watch a customer machining / instructional video Here

    DEALERS: Contact us by email: or by phone: 1-925-465-1505, to discuss dealer pricing on quantity orders.



  • With our new Gen-2 80% 308 Lower Receivers the rifle-building enthusiast is now able to build up from scratch a second Lower which is compatible with the above mentioned manufacturers, many of whom do not offer their Lowers by themselves.
    In this respect, our Gen-2 80% Lower Receiver offer the customer another option, which until now, has not been readily available in the market.

    The Gen-2 80% Lower Receiver creates the option for current owners of Armalite™ 308 rifles to convert their rifles to accept PMAGs® and other SR series magazines. Our Gen-1 80% Lower Receiver required an Armalite® Lower Parts Kit, Armalite™ AR-10A® Bolt Stop, and AR-10A® Magazine Catch. In contrast, we have designed our Gen-2 80% 308 Lower Receiver to accept a DPMS™ Lower Parts Kits, with the exception of the rear take-down pin. Genesis will NOT include Rear Take-Down Pin.

    Generally, this design change not only creates significant cost savings for the customer but also the DPMS™ Lower Parts Kits are more readily available for purchase.

    Visit our FAQs for more information.

    $200.00 $135.99

    $130.00 $50.00
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