Multi-Pronged 2A Attack: Gun Control Measures Moving Forward

They are moving forward at a rapid pace advancing and proposing new Gun Control legislation:

4 new gun control laws raised in Judiciary Committee

What is specifically of concern is that under the pretext of passing legislation targeting 3D Printed Guns, the Gun Control advocates are actually targeting Lower Receiver Blanks or what is commonly known as 80% Lower Receivers. What is concerning is using this sleight of hand, it appears President Trump will be siding with the Gun Control proponents on this one:

Trump says public availability of 3D-printed guns ‘doesn’t seem to make much sense’ –

What is also concerning is the complete lack of a cohesive response to this current assault on the Second Amendment. We suspect this is primarily due to the Gun Control movement changing their approach, so as not to “stir the beast” on a national level, but rather scale down their attacks down to state, county, and city level…while disrupting the online opposition via draconian censorship and suppression measures enacted recently, within the last 9-12 months. Both measures taken together have effectively muted the opposition to the advancement of Gun Control Agenda in the United States.

This is like watching a slow motion car crash….
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