Gen-2 Production Run Update

All – We are machining parts right now, we have started with the Lower Receivers and will follow with the Upper Receivers:

photo 1[1]


photo 2[1]


Gen-2 Pre-Order Status Update

All –


We have received our material for both the uppers and lowers. There was a delay in the delivery of the billets for the Gen-2 Lowers. We will be prepping the material this week and anticipate machining parts by mid next week.

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Gen-2 Jigs

All – Our Gen-2 jigs are complete and will be available for order with the Gen-2 80% 308 Lower Receiver:

Gen 2 jig

Gen 2 Jig

Click below for email Pre-Order notification:

Gen-2 80% Lower and Genesis Upper Receiver


We are in the final stages of prototyping and testing both the Genesis Gen-2 .308 80% Lower Receiver and our new .308 Genesis Upper Receiver. Click here to sign up for email notification for when these become available for purchase!

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AR-15 (7075-T6) approx. 1 Week Back Order

All – We have AR-10 Patterned 80% Lowers in stock. Our AR-15s (7075-T6) are back ordered approx. 1 week at this time.

Our AR-15 (6061) is in stock.

We will update our website shortly.


Genesis CNC

AR-10 Patterned Lower Receivers now “In Stock”

All –

As of tomorrow, all current orders will be shipped out.

In addition, right now (5:30pm PST 9/27/13) we have a limited number of our 80% AR-10 patterned Lower Receivers in stock and we can ship within 24-48 hours upon receipt of order.


Genesis CNC

Genesis AR-10 Patterned 80% Build

Many thanks to a highly motivated Genesis CNC customer for putting together this 80% build of our AR-10 patterned 80% Lower Receiver and posting the live fire test.

Follow below link to Youtube video:

AR-10B Upper Conversion Service

All – Randall of comes highly recommended for those individuals who need to modify their AR-10B upper receivers to be compatible with our modified lowers . He can take care of all customers in LA / OC (Walk in) and as needed mail order customers for upper conversions. My understanding is the cost is $40 walk in and $50 with return shipping via usps for stripped Flat top uppers. He has done all the measurements and is ready to go.

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Finished AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Blanks



Above are representative photos dated 8-27-13 of completed 80% AR-10 Lower Receiver Blanks, we anticipate shipping product from this current production run beginning 8-29-13.

Finished AR-15 Lower Receiver Blanks

Finished AR-15s

Above is a representative photo dated 8-26-13 of our completed 80% Lower Receiver Blanks. We anticipate shipping out product from this current production run beginning 8-29-13.