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Public Schools Vs Privacy

What Does Your Child


No One Is Coming To Take Your Guns

The Liberal Lie

We keep hearing the same thing; they do not want to take our guns. We are just gun nuts that have mental issues and persecution problems. They just want to register our guns, so they know where they are, so the kids can be safer.

However, history tells a different story, every time a gun registration scheme has been implemented, a gun confiscation occurred sometime after. I do not just mean the history I have shared before; I mean it is happening right now in this country.

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The Militarization of the Public School System

A note about this post: In the following article, we reference several legal cases, news articles, academic studies, and professional opinions. For your convenience, we


History of Gun Registration Leading To Gun Confiscation


History of Gun registration

Throughout modern history, gun confiscation is usually preceded by a gun registration. It makes sense to know where the guns are before you demand they be turned in. This usually does not end well for those turning in their weapons as history shows us.

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The Nazi Connection to U.S. Gun Control


The title of this article is sure to get some people riled up as often happens anytime gun control or anything to do with Nazi

Disarming the Future with Common Core

Disarming the Future with Common Core

Back in the 1950

A Closer Look At Australia’s Gun Buyback

A Closer Look?

Hillary Clinton recently called for a closer look at the Australian gun buyback program that was carried out in 1996.

So, we decided to do just that. Here you go, Hillary.

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The Supreme Court Refusal to Decide on Assault Rifle Bans

The Supreme Court Refusal to Decide on Assault Rifle Bans


Have you heard about this yet?

Months after a Supreme Court victory for gun rights, Chicago