Genesis CNC – 80% Lower Receiver – Preview of Finish and Shipping Update

Shipping Update – 5/21/18

80% AR-15 Polymers – Next production run will ship out starting tomorrow and all back orders will be shipped by mid-week – We are working right now on substantially increasing our Inventory on hand in order to decrease lead times in the future.

80% .308 Billet – Next round will be ready to ship by tomorrow…we are manufacturing and shipping these parts continuously.

Below is a photo preview of the finish we plan on making available in the near future. This a product of the merger between high tech 21st Century CNC Machining and the East Oakland Artisan.


the merger between high tech 21st Century CNC Machining and the East Oakland Artisan.

the merger between high tech 21st Century CNC Machining and the East Oakland Artisan.

Product Updates – .308 80% Lower Receivers, Polymer AR-15 80% Lower Receiver & Other Developments

This blog will serve the purpose to update our Customers as to the status of production on our .308 80% Lower Receivers, Polymer AR-15 80% Lower Receivers, and new developments in jig engineering and compatibility:

.308 Lower Production Update:

Right now we are complete with our first article for production and are currently in production. We anticipate shipping the first parts within 1-1.5 weeks time. See below short video of our first article off of the machine:

.308 Lower Jig:

Right now wie have our jig design in stock (less than 50 at this time) and we intend to fire-sale the remaining jig assemblies we have in stock in order to open up for the next development in jig engineering.

5D Tactical Jig (Complete your lower in Under 30 Min. with a Router):

For some time there have been jig designs available which allow the user to complete their 80% Lower with a Router. Unfortunately, our 80% .308 Lower has not been compatible with the jig systems which have been available, however, we have identified a new jig design developed by 5D Tactical, a Massachusetts based company, which is compatible with our .308 Lower!

Now, we have no co-ownership, shared ownership interest with 5D Tactical other than recognizing the fact they have developed a fantastic jig design which allows users to complete our lower with tools available commercially off the shelf, in under 30 minutes time.


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A Threat Greater Than Rust May Be Ready to Attack Your Guns!

Threats to the Second Amendment are commonplace these days, they happen so often and come from so many directions that most of us consider them as regular as the sunrise.

They Don

We have heard it a thousand times, they don


I do not think there is any way I could have actually live blogged this event as a few friends had actually suggested I do.

Obama – Executive Actions on Gun Violence

President Obama has released his four section list of Executive Actions to curb gun violence. The risk of being shot by an Islamic terrorist or mentally ill liberal has not changed one bit because of them. In fact, most of what is proposed solves problems that do not really exist or that have been abused by criminals.

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Your Guns May Be Restrained

California leads the way as usual with one of the scariest and most dangerous laws concerning firearms that is sure to be abused, Assembly Bill 1014; the gun violence restraining order. With this law, your Second Amendment right can be taken away by a judge for 21 days without being found guilty of any crime.

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“The videos obviously show intention,” Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a Monday press conference. But he again said that there was no indication the case involved terrorism of any kind.

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The measure aims to prohibit the sale, transfer, production, and importation of any new semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns capable of holding more than a 10-round magazine or with a single

Genesis Polymer 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver Kit – Product Update

All – See below short video we posted on our Youtube channel which provides a walk-thru of our New Polymer 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver Kit. We are almost complete with all the loose ends and final details for this first Production run. Right now we have units in stock and will ship typically within 1-2 business days:

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