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.308 Upper Receivers – Production Run Shipping Now –

This week we are shipping from a large production run of our .308 Upper Receivers. We hope to catch up on all back orders and stock some inventory from this production run. These are perfect to pair with our 80% Lower Receiver or upgrade the Military Issue M110, La Rue, Amalite AR-10A, etc… https://genesiscnc.com/product/genesis-308-upper-receiver/

Multi-Pronged 2A Attack: Gun Control Measures Moving Forward

They are moving forward at a rapid pace advancing and proposing new Gun Control legislation: 4 new gun control laws raised in Judiciary Committee https://www.wtnh.com/news/politics/4-new-gun-control-laws-raised-in-judiciary-committee/1745926610 What is specifically of concern is that under the pretext of passing legislation targeting 3D Printed Guns, the Gun Control advocates are actually targeting Lower Receiver Blanks or what is […]

Assault Weapons Bans and Gun Control Roll Out – Coordinated at the City, County, State, and Federal Level

The current Gun Control roll out, including but not limited to: Assault Weapons Bans, Ammunition Restriction, Universal Background Checks, Ban on Lower Receiver Blanks aka 80% Lower Receivers, AR-15 Rifle Kits, AR-10 Rifle Kits, etc…is currently gaining steam across the country. Here are some recent examples: City Level, Pittsburgh, PA (January 15, 2019): The legislation […]

80% Lower Receivers and the Next Gun Control Roll Out

Pertaining to 80% Lower Receivers, Assault Weapons so called, and Universal Background Checks, there are three pieces of Gun Control legislation staged right now: H.R. 7115 – Presented under the title and pretext of addressing 3-D Printed Guns, and originally introduced 11/02/2018 this legislation in fact is targeting the Lower Receiver Blank or what is […]

9/18/18 – Polymer 80% Lower Receiver Shipping Update

Polymer 80% Lower Receiver – Genesis CNC production and shipping update as of 9/18/18 – We are shipping all this week. Please also make sure to follow our Instagram Account as we have started to post short video updates showing our operations and progress at least a couple of times per week. Instagram Video Updates: […]