Another Mass Shooting, But Mental Illness Was Probably Not a Factor

At least fourteen dead and seventeen wounded in the worst shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary School, but unlike almost every mass shooting in the US, mental illness does not appear to be a factor.

The reason I can make this statement long before most facts are even released is the way this shooting happened. Most shootings have been a single deranged individual killing others and usually staying to die by police bullets and having their name forever mentioned as a killer of innocents.

Despite being in one of the most gun-controlled states in the nation, more innocent unarmed people were killed on Tuesday. However, unlike the usual shootings we see, this appears to be an assault by multiple shooters with automatic weapons who escaped the scene in a black SUV after their mission.


Foreign or Domestic

This was a well-planned, well-executed attack, which is not the case in most shootings. Initial reports suggested three shooters were involved and that they used fully automatic weapons. Full auto weapons are not something you can purchase in the United States without proper permits from the BATFE and are quite expensive.

These shooters for whatever reason chose the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, a social services building, but hit the one unsecured conference center building rather than the two larger card-key secured buildings. One of the reasons for this target may be the office

party being held at the conference center that offered a large amount of people in the same area for a big body count.

There are also reports that someone left the holiday party after an argument and may be one or more of the suspects that returned and opened fire.

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