Visual Link Analysis Diagram – The Lord Jesus Christ Bloodline

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Visual Link Analysis Diagram – The Lord Jesus Christ Bloodline

Awesome info-graphic, the genealogy in the Bible:

We will be referring to this diagram when discussing our new Full Post on our Featured Content Page:


Mapping God

From Visually.

Silicon Valley is a Servant to the Trotskyite World Revolutionary Movement

Follow Link to Obtain Full 280+ Page .pdf Document generated during the GTRP Research: CLICK HERE FOR FULL 280+ .PDF Document

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Introduction / Abstract:

Silicon Valley Executives and their Companies have been and are currently coordinating with, employing, promoting, and planning directly with the Muslim Brotherhood and their Operatives, other sub-affiliated Islamic Groups and overt violent Radical Muslim Groups, US State Department and other Non-Governmental Organizations (Such as the National Endowment for Democracy and other Trotskyite descendant affiliated organizations) in order to facilitate and enable the overthrow of established governments outside the borders of the United States (Arab Spring and Color revolutions) and actively implementing Politically Motivated Measures aimed at Suppressing and Controlling dissent Inside the United States through a variety of methods; Algorithmic Manipulation, Search Result Manipulation, utilizing the pretext of “Fake News”, & “Community Standards” to provide a thin veil of cover for the enactment of Politically Motivated First Amendment restrictions to name only a few known techniques among many other known and unknown means – Gun Control, The Acceptance of Political Islam, and Refugee Resettlement being subjects of high priority inside the United States.

In a general sense, the political consensus of the individual members, as well as the leadership of the affiliated NGOs, and Private Companies have their roots in the Socialist / Marxist Trotskyite World Revolutionary Movement, who have determined the Muslim Brotherhood to be the politically expedient “Vanguard of the Proletariat” of the day – both in the Middle East Revolts of the Arab Spring, the Islamic Jihad by Immigration in Europe, and subsequent attempts to replicate their agenda here in the US.

Specific to the First Amendment on these Social Media Platforms, and to be clear – the determination of what constitutes “Fake News”, “Hate Speech”, and the establishment and enforcement of the Company platform’s “Community Guidelines” on these various social media is not being made by or with the predominate input from conservative, patriotic, bible believing Christians – rather the enforcement of these policies and determinations are currently and will be in the future through a consensus dominated by the political descendants of Leon Trotsky working with the religious descendants of Hassan Al-Banna (Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood).

This article will identify the entities involved, the individuals at the helm of these entities – some you will know and some you may not. We will look into the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the affiliated Universities, Government Departments, and Individuals – their formation, political ideology, and current relationships. In short, who they are and what they are doing…What is their plan and how are they going about achieving their goals…we will then trace the origins back to the Old Testament.

In terms of the Silicon Valley Executives themselves, they are either Ideologically in agreement to start, motivated to comply through the future gain of money and power, and/or (most likely AND – meaning in ADDITION) they are compromised in some way or another, which is not a stretch given the steady stream of reporting of Deviant Behavior among Silicon Valley Executives.

Notwithstanding, replacing a CEO for one reason or another briefly makes news headlines – generally people not directly involved are uninterested, meaning it is not at all difficult nor suspicious to the general public for a large Silicon Valley Company to replace a non-compliant / non-compromised CEO with a CEO who is Compromised and Compliant.