Why Are Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems Being Kept Secret?

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Her health has been a question for some time now, but everything so far has been speculation for the most part, but she has had issues in the past few years that we do know about. These may add weight to the talk of serious issues which are being hidden from the public.

A Bump On the Head

In 2012, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she fainted while at home and hit her head on the toilet, causing a concussion. The state department said in a press release that the cause of her fainting was a stomach virus.

Hillary wore glasses for a period of time to help her with a double vision issue as a result of the concussion. During a follow up appointment a month later, doctors discovered Hillary had a blood clot. She was treated with blood thinners, according to her doctors, and remained at the hospital for several days.

More than a year later, Hillary told Diane Sawyer that there were no lingering effects from her concussion and clot, but she did admit the medical incident was serious. “It was, I think, a serious concussion. Because of the force of the fall, I had double vision for a short period of time and I had some dizziness.”, she said.

Hillary’s doctor Dr. Lisa Bardack released a statement in 2015, saying that the presidential candidate was “healthy.” The Doctor said Hillary was “a healthy 67-year-old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies. She is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

She has used this incident to excuse herself from illegal email actions by saying she has had memory lapses in the past caused by her concussion, but that she is conveniently ok now and fit to be president.

Turn Your Head and Cough

While it is doubtful that Hillary is being checked for a hernia, she certainly has had several coughing fits while on the campaign trail. She suffered an almost two-minute-long coughing fit during a Labor Day rally in Cleveland, Ohio.

She tried to laugh it off by saying it was an allergic reaction to her opponent Donald Trump. “Every time I think of Trump, I get allergic,” she said. Hillary also had a similar coughing fit on her plane that day and several times in past months, often prompting her to sip water and take a throat lozenge.

But the cough has persisted and looks to be far more serious than a simple cold, a chronic couch can be a sign of chronic sinusitis, post-nasal drip and other conditions or sicknesses inflaming or otherwise affecting the airways.

More serious causes of chronic cough include lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, and chronic lung infections, such as tuberculosis. A tumor is also a possibility, but Beta blockers and blood pressure drugs can often cause coughing as a side effect. Hillary could still be on blood thinners if she is still having issues from her previous blood clot.

Her campaign has said that she simply suffered seasonal allergies.

Do Healthy People Hide Their Medical Records?

Hillary Clinton has refused to release her medical records to the public. Last week, True Pundit offered a $1 million reward to anyone that can release her actual full medical history.

Hillary is now rumored to be suffering from a plethora of medical ailments, including: dementia, post-concussion syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, a brain tumor, brain injury, complex partial seizures, and others.

Health issues should generally be considered private, but the American people deserve to know if a potential president is suffering from a serious disease. Several of the ailments that Hillary is suspected of having do not have a cure, and if Hillary Clinton has something serious that could impact her performance as president, she should drop out of the race before possibly being elected.

Neither campaign has released their candidate’s full medical records. But on September 5, Trump told ABC News’ David Muir that he thought both he and Clinton should release them. When asked why he doesn’t release his full records first, he told Muir he will release his medical records. “I might do that. I might do that,” Trump said. “In fact, now that you ask, I think I will do that.”

The Mystery Man and the Syringe

A mysterious man was photographed at many campaign rallies standing next to Hillary Clinton. He wasn’t part of the Secret Service, but he dressed like it. He was first noticed on August 4th at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada when Hillary looked like she froze on stage. It was if she was suddenly lost and confused when she was coherent a moment before.

A group of men rushed to help her, as one would expect, most appeared to be Secret Service. This mystery man was in the group, and told Hillary, “You’re OK… Keep talking” while holding her hand and rubbing her back. We know he wasn’t Secret Service, because no agent would never touch a candidate that way. Security experts have confirmed this.

And Hillary has a long history of treating Secret Service agents as less than human, so no agent would dare do such a thing unless they really wanted to be stationed in Alaska.

So who was this mystery man? He was also photographed with something in his hand that appeared to be an auto-ejector pen for Diazepam, which is used to treat people for seizures. Once this question was asked on social media, the man suddenly disappeared and was no longer seen with Hillary on the campaign trail.

September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early on Sunday after an hour and a half, when she started to feel “overheated,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill in a statement. She took some time to recover, about an hour and 45 minutes, at her daughter’s apartment. When she re-emerged around noon she smiled and waved to passersby, and told reporters she was feeling “great.”

But video of her leaving the ceremony appears to show her starting to convulse before collapsing and being dragged/lifted into her van to be taken away.

“Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. On Friday, during follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule. While at this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely,” said Hillary Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, in a written statement Sunday evening.

This after-the-fact announcement doesn’t actually fit with what we see in this video however, she starts with the repetitive head-nodding that we have seen in other instances, then completely collapses as she is helped into the van. She did not trip; her legs gave out before she left the sidewalk as she was propped up by her detail and the rest quickly blocked her from view.

I have had severe overheating and dehydration before in 120-degree heat and there is no repetitive head-nodding, twitching or anything like that, you simply collapse. It should also be noted that the temperature with wind chill would have felt like 77 degrees at the time. This is not a climate that most people would get overheated in.

We know from WikiLeaks that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton instructed her executive staff in the State Dept. to help conduct research on Provigil, a controlled drug often prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Provigil is often used to help such patients stay awake and curb extended bouts of sleep. The drug is also used to treat narcolepsy. Is this related to her medical issues?

Some people have even suggested that Hillary has employed a body double and that is who was seen leaving her daughter’s apartment while Hillary is undergoing more serious care for her failing health.

We now have to ask, aside from any political differences, is she actually medically able to assume the job of President of the United States of America?

Bill Kendall