California’s Gun Owners Fight Back!

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You may remember what we called Gunpocalypse occurred on Friday July 1st in California as the anti-gun politicians gutted and amended bills to shortcut the normal bill process and slam thru some of the most restrictive gun laws ever proposed.

And Governor Jerry Brown signed some of the worst of the bunch submitted to him. These laws turn most centerfire semi-automatic rifles into banned assault rifles, ban any magazine over 10 rounds (including existing grandfathered magazines), ludicrous ammo registration and fees, registration and serialization of home built firearms (The BATFE doesn’t even require this), and make you a criminal for allowing your best friend to shoot your rifle.

Lawmakers like Kevin “Ghost Gun” deLeon, Rob Bonita, Marc B. Levine and Isadore Hall III thought they finally had the better of California’s gun owners with their actions. Statements like, “This is California; we don’t pay too much attention to the Constitution,” made by Public Safety Chairman Reggie Jones Sawyer, D-Los Angeles have become normal in California, they simply don’t care if they violate the principles of the country they reside in.

Move or Fight

This has been the choice for most gun owners in California for the last 30 years and many have fled the state as they saw legislators chip away at the Second Amendment until it really has no meaning at all anymore in the Golden State. But not everyone is willing or able to move to another state, nor should they have to.

California is a beautiful state and has everything to offer from the oceans to the mountains and the deserts to the valleys, but it has a sickness called liberalism that has been eating away at it for a very long time. Sadly, so many have fled that it could be too late to overcome the massive numbers of brain dead Democrats that continually vote for politicians and laws that will eventually cost them their own lives, but we haven’t given up yet.

Pens First, Guns Second

An armed uprising could be the end result, but for now, gun owners are fighting back with pens rather than guns. San Diego businessman Barry Bahrami filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office on July 15 to repeal seven new anti-gun laws signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The laws are set to take effect in 2017, but Bahrami and legion of Second Amendment activists are planning to stop that from happening with the power of the pen.

“We have more than 1,600 volunteers and 300 locations all over California who have signed up to participate in this effort. Petitions are now printing and we anticipate starting a massive petition drive around August 12th,” Bahrami said in a interview.

It is a huge task for a grassroots group: gather a minimum of 365,000 signatures from registered voters on each of the seven different petitions and turn them into the Secretary of State’s office by Sept. 29 to qualify for the November general election, a very short window of just over six weeks.

Aside from the seven anti-gun laws they are trying to overturn, there is also a petition for an initiative to require digital signatures on petitions going forward. If this was already the law, then opposing these runaway legislators could be done with very little cost. The politicians of course like this process to be difficult and expensive to keep citizens from challenging them. Enabling digital signatures on petitions will resolve that problem and bring the power back to the people of California.

And the last petition is to allow jury trial rights for child custody cases. This initiative was already teamed up with the digital signature initiative when the vetogunmageddon group started out. The group owes a lot to them and would like people to support both of these additional bills.

A website is available to get the word out to the state’s estimated 13 million gun owners, provide information about the issue, a searchable map where petitions will be available to be signed and collect donations to cover costs. As of August 17, they have raised $59,658 out of an estimated $70K needed to cover printing costs and expenses. 100% of the proceeds are going towards printing and distributing petitions for the referendum.

What Is This All About Anyways?

The gun owners are opposing the bills signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July, 1st, 2016.

These bills are detailed in this previous article: California’s New Gun Control Laws Also targeted by the petition drive is Gavin Newsome’s Safety for All Act which will be Proposition 63 on the November ballot. The humorously named “Safety for All Act” will only make it safer for criminals to operate in California by:

• Punish the victims of theft or loss of firearms for not notifying the police quick enough.
• Ban the possession of +10 round magazines.
• Confiscate legally owned +10 round magazines from law abiding people the state promised people who already owned them could keep them when they banned the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacture of +10 round magazines previously.
• Does not compensate owners for taking their property.
• Requires background checks when you buy ammunition.
• Presumed guilty until you pay the state to prove your innocence.
• Keeps records of gun owner’s purchases.
• Bans otherwise legal purchases of ammunition and limits availability of ammunition.
• Redundantly changes law in regards to access to firearms by felons, which is already a crime.

Proposition 63, nor the seven laws already signed by the Governor do anything to take the guns out of the hands of criminals. There are no new penalties for gang members caught with guns or for anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime.

These laws only take away from law abiding gun owners, and it looks like the gun owners in California have had enough of that. Expect recalls for legislators who continually attack the Constitutional rights of its citizens, they may not succeed, but they will drain these politicians’ reelection funds and make them vulnerable during the next election cycle.

Of course, all these efforts could fail, but if the pen doesn’t work or the politicians continue to disarm the citizens as they are exempt from their own laws as well as protected by armed bodyguards, the guns could come out after all.

Bill Kendall