Why The #DNCLeaks Should Matter to Everyone

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While the mainstream media may not be making a big deal out of the leaks, or in some cases even covering it up because of their involvement, these emails and audio files have shown us just how corrupt our election process actually is.

Who Is to Blame?

As much as the Democrats are trying to spin this story and place the blame on the Russians and connect it to Donald Trump, the simple fact remains that if these abuses did not occur, there would be nothing to leak. The Russians are a strange scapegoat however since it would be illogical for the Russians to want to ruin Hillary’s presidential run after dealings with Uranium One.

Uranium One is a uranium mining company owned by the Russian government with headquarters in Toronto and it has operations in Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Africa and the United States. It is a Canadian corporation even though it is 100% Russian owned. Rosatom, the Russian State-owned Atomic Energy Corporation, through its subsidiary ARMZ Uranium Holding, purchased the balance of a 100% stake in the Uranium One in January 2013.

Approval of the transfer of 1/5th of all of the American uranium resources to Russian controlled Uranium One occurred during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as United States Secretary of State. As is usual with most of her dealings with foreign governments, there were a number of donations to the Clinton Foundation by the principals of Uranium One. During the same period there was a speaking engagement in Russia by former president Bill Clinton for which he was paid a lofty $500,000.

No matter how shady the above looks, only the Russians would be able to make it illegal by saying that the donations and speaking fees were indeed a payment to Hillary Clinton for approving the deal. Baring that direct connection, it only looks like the usual pay for play deals that Hillary used to make them so wealthy and while that looks bad, it isn’t illegal to only look crooked, you have to be caught as well.

No, the blame falls on the shoulders of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the people that worked for her, the entire Democratic National Convention (DNC) and quite possibly, Hillary Roddam Clinton who many believe to be the mastermind behind all of the corruption linked to the DNC. Debbie Wasserman Schultz agreed to step down following the convention because of the scandal, but before that could even happen, Hillary announced that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would immediately be hired as Hillary’s National Campaign Chair.

How Debbie Wasserman Schultz Was Allowed to Corrupt the System

First off, you need to ask yourself, would the person who just stepped down from the DNC in disgrace for unethical dealings in the primaries be your first choice to run your campaign? Only Hillary could pull something like that off and have the media fall silent, but as the #DNCLeaks tell us, the media was in collusion with her campaign the entire time anyways.

As I have now learned to do for every article I write, I typed a few keywords into the Genesis Total Research Project (GTRP) as it doesn’t just search for the words, but shows connections and relationships that you wouldn’t see without a visual data analysis like GTRP. Something popped out at me in the screen below, and even though it is commonly available information, the relationship hasn’t been so clear as it is in that screen.

GTRP - Screen Capture

This got me thinking, we all know that Hillary Clinton has wanted to be president for some time and her loss to Barack Obama in 2008 was hard on her and her campaign co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary wanted to ensure she gets nominated in 2016 and what better way than have her campaign co-chair as the head of the DNC. Pretty hard to lose when your pal Debbie Wasserman Schultz is running the whole party, right?

To make this happen though, Hillary would need to convince the then current head of the DNC to not only step down from the position, but also recommend Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) to lead the party. You would need to make some pretty big promises for someone to go along with that plan and step down from the DNC and recommend DWS to succeed them.
But, in 2011, the head of the DNC did exactly that, he stepped down and recommended that Debbie Wasserman Schultz succeed him as the head of the party. That person was Tim Kaine and in 2016 would be named as Hillary Roddam Clinton’s Vice President running mate.

All that sounds more like an episode of Mission Impossible than the run up to a presidential election, but then again, this election is unlike any before it. What previous election saw the DNC sending out interns and paid protestors to attack the supporters of the other party’s presumptive nominee? When was the last time that both political parties attacked candidates running under the same party?

Circumstantial Evidence

As is usually the case with anything Hillary Clinton is accused of, there is no actual evidence, it has been lost, deleted or the people who could actually testify against her end up dead through suicide, bizarre accidents or some strange type of “natural causes”.

All the direct evidence so far in the #DNCLeaks just points at Debbie Wasserman Schultz who has served Hillary Clinton well and was immediately rewarded for such service. There is a greater chance that Chelsea Clinton would end up dead from one of the mysterious circumstances that have plagued so many others in the Clinton circle than Debbie Wasserman Schultz,
who has proven her loyalty time and again.

New evidence could surface that links Hillary to all this corruption, but for now we are just told it is all the Russians fault and that there is nothing to see here.

What Is Actually in the #DNCLeaks?

Too much to fit into a single article, but we can bullet point some of the main issues and urge you to go to WikiLeaks and find out for yourself.

From WikiLeaks: Today, Friday 22 July 2016 at 10:30am EDT, WikiLeaks releases 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the top of the US Democratic National Committee — part one of our new Hillary Leaks series. The leaks come from the accounts of seven key figures in the DNC: Communications Director Luis Miranda (10770 emails), National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan (3797 emails), Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer (3095 emails), Finance Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish (1472 emails), Finance Director Allen Zachary (1611 emails), Senior Advisor Andrew Wright (938 emails) and Northern California Finance Director Robert (Erik) Stowe (751 emails). The emails cover the period from January last year until 25 May this year.

As you can see, this first batch of emails was from the Finance side of the DNC and still shows the corruption and racism of the Democrats, imagine what emails from the

Communications, Operations, Office of the Chair or Voter Expansion Departments would show.

Here’s a quick list of some of the items:
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters
DNC member killed horses for insurance money, but they still accept his donations
Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC
Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters
Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor
DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews
Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist
Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press
Buzz Feed and DNC connection
Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016 (Before Bernie dropped out)
DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act
DNC asking if Jake Tapper can do hit pieces for them
Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s office
DNC making fun of black woman’s name
DNC using “taco bowl engagement” when referring to Latino voters

And this is just from the Finance Department, no wonder they are trying to make this sound like Cold War espionage, just imagine what bombshells other departments emails could have in them!

What Does It All Mean?

There is really nothing earth shattering in these emails for most Republicans, we have known that the Democrats were corrupt, we just didn’t have proof to show their constituents, and now that we have it, they won’t believe it or simply don’t care.

The divide between the two political parties is actually so great that the Democrats don’t even care that their party was subverting the primary process (well except Bernie voters) and could be shown video of Hillary biting the heads off small children and they would still vote for her. It is incredible.

Hopefully Trump will win the White House and live up to his word to “Make America Great Again”, because if the corruption of the Hillary Clinton campaign wins the presidency, we could all be in very dire circumstances.

Bill Kendall