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Las Vegas Mass Shooting / Massacre – Heavy Censorship on Youtube and Social Media

Youtube and other social media platforms are heavily engaged in censorship of content relating to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.

They are “Feathering” down Views, as can be seen here:

Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Youtube Suppressing Views

The specific video they are suppressing is here:

Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Mandalay Bay – Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?

Youtube is also changing their format to either omit the comments section all together (observed at times on the above Video) or, not allowing the comments of other Youtubers to be visible, this was being done here:

Screen Capture of the Comments Section of Health Ranger Youtube Video

Screen Capture of the Comments Section of Health Ranger Youtube Video

Here is a link to Health Ranger’s Video:

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre

This is the direct message I sent to Health Ranger regarding this issue:

Health Ranger – I started watching your video last night when someone sent me the link: Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre Last night, when the view count to your video was around 37K, I viewed your video for the first time. When I did so, NO COMMENTS WERE VISIBLE. I was able to leave a comment – which is still the only comment which is visible to me, and now your video is over 100K views. So, this means that either I am the only person to comment on your video, which has over 100K views, or, Youtube has made it so I can only see my comments – effectively shutting down discussion on your video (the comments section on your video). I screen captured and tweeted about this here: A couple of days ago I caught Youtube “feathering” down the view count to my video on the same subject, this started on or about the 199K View Mark, so please watch out for this specific tactic Youtube will use. I caught them in the act and filmed it: Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Youtube Suppressing Views Please watch out for this as well. I am going to try to send you an email too just in case this doesn’t get through. Thanks, Genesis CNC

Therefore, I have copied and pasted all the comments to our Video entitled “Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Mandalay Bay – Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?” which Youtube has now designated “Age-Restricted”, into this blog poast, as of 9am October 10, 2017.

The video(s) and their subsequent discussion(s) are critical to watch and the comments contain discussion on key aspects and topics specifically related.

This is an attempt to delay these comments from being flushed down the memory hole.

Here is another video dated October 7, 2017 from Health Ranger:

Health Ranger demands FBI stop lying about Las Vegas shooting

America First1 week agoHighlighted comment
There is a video of muzzle flash on the 4th floor. Check it out
America First
Jeff Weeks
Jeff Weeks5 days ago
already debunked, sorry
Chacha D
Chacha D5 days ago
Already debunked. They were strobe lights
wnnabnrml5 days ago
America First
Pinned by Genesis CNC
CustomWoodTech2 days ago
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC3 days ago
Someone sent this link:

Las Vegas Shooters – Audio Analysis – 3 shooters
David Witt
David Witt2 days ago
Genesis CNC archive this video right meow pretty damning evidence. Nothing huge on any sites found yet. Although, all his valet records show there weren’t many bags on paddocks person.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC3 days ago (edited)
Someone explain to me why the view count on this video is going up and down, since about the 199k view Mark… i’m sure some one has an explanation but it appears very suspect in my eyes.

I caught it on video here:

Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Youtube Suppressing Views

The Video being Suppressed (This One):

Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Mandalay Bay – Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?

I cannot help you if I cannot communicate with you.

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It might sound like a plug but you have to understand, we have been and are currently censored on every social media platform – banned for life from Reddit…etc…etc…so if you want to hear from us, sign up.

Also, download and re-upload all our videos.

Genesis Out.
aminutetomidnite5 days ago
I am absolutely no gun expert, but I do know a fair bit about analyzing audio as I have worked with audio recording etc for years. I spent a few hours analyzing three other videos from the shooting, and I came to the definite conclusion that there were at least 2 guns being fired from different places at the same time. I compressed the audio, looked at the wave forms and did whatever else I could to analyze the audio. It left me in know doubt this was not a lone shooter. Genesis CNC If you want to know what i discovered contact me at through the contact form.
justin k
justin k4 days ago
aminutetomidnite can you make a vid please?
4 days ago Listen to the background scatter and you can hear two guns talking to each other
4Truth AndReason
4Truth AndReason3 days ago
Cab driver video – lobby roof gunner – MULTIPLE LAS VEGAS SHOOTERS CONFIRMED – New Footage and Evidence – YouTube
Sane Progressive
Sane Progressive4 days ago
Wow. Thank you. So many of us have absolutely no idea about any of this – great video.
masha47561 day ago
Check this out:
Totalitarian TV
Totalitarian TV14 hours ago
Police change timeline, say Vegas gunman shot security guard 6 minutes before opening fire on concert
Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner.
Matrix Adjustment
Matrix Adjustment5 days ago
good job, im sure you heard the police scanners? I uploaded the whole thing and they Clearly identify two shooter locations one at mandbay and one at alibobba, with possible third location.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC1 week ago
FYI – I am curating the comments section, priority to Combat Veterans, First Hand Witnesses, and/or Value Added Analysis. There is a ton of ignorant, idiotic, or trollish messaging comments in queue which I will let through after a few days. The goal is to keep the channel clear for a period of time. So if you post a comment and it doesn’t get posted within a couple hours…now you know why.
Xstreamaudio6 days ago
Genesis CNC definitely not one gun firing. And was not using a bump fire stock…gun was belt fed. The gun fire sounded like a fire fight that was recorded and played over pa system, while someone on the fourth floor was doing the actual shooting. The windows on the casino don’t open and are 4″ thick and can’t be shot out or broken with a hammer! This whole thing stinks…
degenerate825 days ago
4th floor of the Mandalay Bay? I don’t think those windows open either, nor were they broken and I’m not 100% sure if the view is obstructed or not from there. It also wouldn’t explain (I think) where the closer distance suppressed fire came from.

To say the absolute least, this is an excellent video and I just wish we had more answers than questions.
Greg West
Greg West5 days ago
He used a hooligan tool.
EJ Love
EJ Love5 days ago
Amen that’s wisdom friend.
JokerMouce5 days ago
Genesis CNC You sound like making this video weighed heavy on you. I hope you’re ok?
Thank you for helping. My prayers are with you.
Ann Rein
Ann Rein4 days ago
I agree, I hope you’re ok – and thank you very much.
Josey Zadoria
Josey Zadoria3 days ago
Good job on making a compelling case, and I agree with all of it. I am an Iraqi war veteran so I can definitely can conclude from hearing the different cadences that there was more than one shooter!
Gregg Hammond
Gregg Hammond3 days ago
Being a former touring musician who’s performed many of these type events, the sound production company as well as the video crew handling the live screens should have high quality video footage and audio! I always had a live, digital recorder going as well. These artist’s who usually have “social media” crews/teams on hand! ??
4Truth AndReason
4Truth AndReason3 days ago
Genesis CNC Thanks for your excellent analysis
Randal R
Randal R3 days ago
ETS 1987 US Army. 18 th ABN Corp. I Knew, first I heard the footage, two guns. I also questioned the distance, as effective kill range of M-16 is 601 yards.
Boot Camp max Range target was 200 meters. Of course, I ETS 1987. Boot was LONG ago. 🙂 Third Match Strike your dead lesson. Ft. Dix NJ 1985.
Seems our govt and media is against us. Jesus other.NONE. Good JOB man.
s *
s *3 days ago
Genesis CNC Hi great analysis. End times news report who seems to be rather good at finding out info whos now being threatened has said he found out that some windows do actually open. im not sure about at what floor levels they open but its for window washing acess (apparently).
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC6 days ago
Sound Pitch and Rate of Fire between the automatic fire (1:11 through 1:21) is totally different than (11:06 through 11:26), if you are unable to discern the difference then we cannot help you.

At the (13:11 though 12:32) – Best guess is the burst fire is coming from a suppressed M4 running subsonic ammunition, fired from a position of cover and concealment very close as subsonic rounds are unstable. Something like this:

In the comments being held for idiocy, ignorance, or general trolling behavior, there seems to be significant confusion (Paid Troll / Shill or Genuine Ignoramus) on the acoustics; specifically the echo and also behavior of supersonic vs subsonic, and sounds associated with the sound barrier.

Here is a simple video which explains the acoustic difference between suppressed subsonic and suppressed supersonic fire:

The key to understanding this issue:

1. Understand the Cyclical Rate Variation between weapon systems – the “Acoustic Signature”
2. Understand the Change in Sound specific to the “Origin of Fire”
3. Recognize and Identify Changes in “Rates of Fire” or “Cyclic Rates”
4. Recognize and Identify Changes in the Sounds directly resulting from different firing locations. Here is another example video, again, of two different firing locations, if you are unable to determine for yourself the fact there are two separate locations, then we cannot help you…
5. Two different Cyclic Rates taking place concurrently is conclusive evidence of multiple shooters, multiple weapon systems, from multiple locations. You will hear the evidence for this At the (13:11 though 12:32) of this video.
6. The idea of a “Bump Fire” or “Gatling Device” on a modified AR-15 is a joke (As stated Earlier) – It is possible this could have been used as “Acoustical Cover” for the precision bursts of one or more suppressed weapon systems firing subsonic ammunition from a very close position. (As Stated Below) In the below Interview, Mike Cronk provides the statement that his “buddy” was shot 3x in the chest. This type of wound pattern is entirely inconsistent with a “bump fire” slide on an AR-15 from 518M Distance (Meaning Impossible)…and is entirely consistent with the suppressed
controlled bursts at shorter range identified in this video.
7. Echo is just that…an echo…an echo will not introduce concurrent conflicting cyclic rates of fire…sorry, but no. Two separated firing positions are easily discernible from an echo…if you cannot discern between the two, then again, we cannot help you…
8. There are active trolls pushing false explanations, trying hard to muddy the water, so beware. Use common sense.
9. Download this and other videos, share links, then repeat the process.
10. We desperately need first hand testimony of the entry and exit wounds of the dead and wounded (Impact Groupings, Bullet Spread, Caliber, etc..) from First Responders, EMT, Police Officers on the Scene, Fire Fighters, ER Nurse, ER PAs, ER MDs, etc…from those who personally treated the dead and / or wounded. If you are out there please provide your detailed testimony ASAP. (there is no reason for this to be withheld or classified information). – Share with anyone who can provide first hand detailed testimony specific to the entry and exit wound patterns.
Jbad Vet
Jbad Vet5 days ago
Genesis CNC hey, check this out! I noticed something up with the video of the eye witness you posted (audio scrambled) so I tried others… all the same but anything else works fine. Is it just me or does something seem wrong with this. I recorded my screen while trying to watch these. I’m trying to figure out how to show you what I recorded
Mike DeHoogh
Mike DeHoogh5 days ago
great work. isnt it a sad testimonial an average citizen can come up with these conclusions while bona fide ‘journalist’ have their head up their ass and do nothing but read SCRIPTS for the masses to lap up as fact. bravo on this vid.
jerryjamify5 days ago
Your video is going viral.
cookiemama45 days ago
Genesis CNC
There is also a video of a cab driver that clearly has different distances of shooters! I was amazed and freaked out when I heard it! This was definitely NOT a lone gunman! Haven’t they learned anything yet? The people WILL find the truth!
KismetinCal5 days ago
cookiemama4 Look up. Sideview Mirror 1:45 Gunfire flashes
You tuber is Anna.. she did an excellent breakdown and research of the cab driver and what she saw in her rearview mirror excellent content
Emily Tatum
Emily Tatum4 days ago
I don’t know who you are, but your genuine knowledge here is quite impressive. Thank you for that.
Michaela Mason
Michaela Mason4 days ago
Check this video of everything compiled simultaneously …
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago
Here is a Broader Analysis which needs to be considered (Not From Genesis CNC):

Posted on October 4, 2017 by thethoreauprojectblog
We know the ‘what’, the ‘where’, the ‘when’ a little about the
‘who’, and we are still trying to discover the ‘why’. The following are
my thoughts, based on my experiences as a Counter-Terrorist (CT), a
Counter-Insurgent (CI), a Anti-Terrorist (AT) professional and
intelligence analyst.
However, let’s recap the ‘who’. Who is the murderer Stephen Paddock?
According to the New York Times, he was a retired accountant, dabbled
in real estate and other investments, which resulted in him making
millions of dollars; therefore, He was financially secure. He had a
pilots license, divorced twice, the son of a bank robber, had no
political or religious affiliations, no criminal history, and more
importantly no military experience or training.
Now, I know there are a lot of conspiracies emerging, such as a
possible connection to ISIL, ANTIFA (due to the alleged propaganda
discovered in his hotel room), a possible conversion to Islam, the
possibility of another shooter, and so on. But it is the last point in
the previous paragraph, I intend to focus on: no military experience or training.
Now let me pose this question. Is it possible for a man with no military training, to plan, organize, and execute such an elaborate attack alone?
Based on my professional experiences, the answer is no. In the Special
Operations Community (SOC), mission planning is a multifaceted operation
involving a tremendous amount of dedicated resources and time to ensure
the accomplishment of a successful mission. Now do missions occur on
short notice? Absolutely, but that takes a coordinated effort by all
players, who know their roles, with a vested interest in the success and
survival of everyone involved in the mission. However, that being said,
human beings are capable of such tremendous feats, it wouldn’t surprise
me of the shooter was alone! Paddock is multifaceted in his experiences
from flying to investing: each requiring careful consideration.
Before becoming a Navy SEAL, I was a Master-at-Arms (MA – Military
Police for the navy)) and an AT Training Officer (ATTO). With my
combined knowledge in CT, CI, and AT, I have read through case studies
after case studies on past terrorist plots and attacks, and the patterns
that separated a successful attack from a failed attack, was a
terrorist organization’s attention to detail and ability in preparing
for the attack; much like how Special Operations Forces (SOF) plan their
One of the first steps in planning an attack is to prepare the
environment. This begins with selecting and surveilling (casing) the
target location – areas that will inflict the highest casualties (many
attacks have occurred in populated areas); knowing times and dates of
future events; vulnerable areas; choke points for both ingress and
egress routes; security posture and response times; stand-off locations
for a Final Fire Position (FFP) (Sniper term for snipers nest) – where
the attacker may set up, as in the murderer Paddock’s location, and so
Planning and conducting this type of operation takes time. Not in
terms of days, but in weeks and maybe even months to plan. Also, more
importantly, it takes know-how (the mechanics) on executing each step of
the operation along the way! Again, with no military experience could
Paddock have pulled off this successful attack? I say no.
Another consideration is that it also takes financial resources to
pull this off. Paddock was apparently financially resourced. Operations
such as the Vegas attack can be expensive and requires a lot of travel. I
surmise, once the investigation is complete and if there is no
accounting for Paddocks travel expenses (gas, lodging, airfare, etc)
from his home to Las Vegas, then the question is, did he fund this
operation or did some else?
So why did he do it?
I don’t know and nor does anyone else at this point, but I can
speculate based on perpetrators from previous attacks. And while many
people will do things for

self-aggrandizement, I believe he did it for a much larger cause. What
is that cause exactly? Well, I’m sure we’ll soon find out, maybe.
Keep in mind, terrorist acts are considered a poor mans tactic, an
age old style of warfare practiced long before the concept two or more
standing armies fighting face-to-face on a known battlefield. Terrorist
can attack anywhere and at anytime. They can be anyone. Like a chameleon
they can blend in and appear unsuspecting.
A Taliban fighter is quoted as saying, “You (US) have the watches, but we (Taliban/ Terrorist) have the time.”
Moreover, terrorist tactics are used to socially and politically
coerce a government into recognizing the terrorist group’s grievances,
and to change political attitudes, which ultimately affects policy. It
has worked in the past and it will work again in the future.
As aforementioned, Paddock was a wealthy man. Why would he do such a
thing? Studies have shown, suicide bombers are predominately middle
class and possess a formal college education; and contrary to popular
belief, they do not primarily come from poorer disenfranchised
communities. Many suicide bombers or attackers do it for a larger cause.
A belief. An ideology.
My overall conclusion is that the murderer Paddock did not work
alone. Someone or some group, help organize for all of this to happen.
Using a system of need-to-know, it is very likely, Paddock only knew
where specifically needed to be, time and location, and
with instructions to carry out his portion of the mission. Again this is
my assessment.
I don’t belief in lone wolf attacks, when dealing with this level of
sophistication, and I think the idea derives from the concept when a
wolf becomes sick or ill, it is left alone to die or fend for itself.
And while wolves can travel alone, seldom do they ever attack by
themselves. They almost alway hunt in packs.
The Author is a US Navy SEAL and Intelligence Operative, with
experience in Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, Anti-Terrorism, and
Strategic Intelligence Analysis. The author has served as a Team Leader
in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict regions throughout the world.
The Author is graduate from the National Intelligence University with a
Bachelor in Science in Intelligence and American University with a
Master in International Relations focusing on the Art of International
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution / Global Security.
Scott Leoski
Scott Leoski5 days ago
Genesis CNC I’m speechless
Lucinda Carpe
Lucinda Carpe4 days ago
Genesis CNC – this is a thorough concise assessment. Thanks for posting.
Teddy Allman, Jr
Teddy Allman, Jr2 days ago
Wow, thank u
CustomWoodTech1 week ago
The sound explained in this video should be apparent by anyone with a trained ear. You can hear multiple weapons firing in many of the videos being posted on social media and news feeds. You can actually hear intermittent changes in the rate and pitch of rounds firing in burst and automatic. Additional study may even find sniper fire. Everyone’s focus is on the automatic weapon. There is a good chance that the shooter(s) or planners of this attack knew diversion tactics would create confusion. No one is refuting that this was a planned attack. So lets assume there was a really good plan. But first lets stick with the evidence. This is not a lone shooter incident. That is proven.
Scott Stamm
Scott Stamm1 week ago
Pretty much, I hear two different weapons systems being fired at once.
Flyin Ryan Productions
Flyin Ryan Productions1 week ago absolutely. 100%! Listen to first few mins of this video.
Mitch Chechik
Mitch Chechik6 days ago
I agree
Builders of Utah
Builders of Utah5 days ago
YUP……. so the question now is… WHY is nobody in the mass media even bringing this up?
Janet Canary
Janet Canary5 days ago
Its proven 100% that theres more then 1 shooter.and the media wont discuss this because they are part of the whole dam media are payed actors.they speak only on what they are told to speak about.their all fake news.only truth u will ever get is from real ppl posting facts on fb twitter or youtube videos.cant trust any media ever.not even fox news
Susan Robertson
Susan Robertson5 days ago
i’m certainly not a trained ear and i even heard it on fox news this morning, i could tell the different gun fire
Kristina Jobe
Kristina Jobe5 days ago
CustomWoodTech I have personally never shot a gun. I’ve personally never been to s range and have never heard guns being fired outside of a pistol. And even I can hear the different pitch ranges.
SO right Janet. I don’t believe anything I hear from MSM anymore until I can hear research from others who know. It’s a shame we can’t depend on news and journalists anymore. They know they have us and that most people believe anything on the tv. 9/11 is a prime example of psyop’s pulled over on the world.
deltaskyhawk5 days ago (edited)
Being a regular at a gun range, the first few videos I saw lead me to believe that there were multiple guns firing at the same time. I did the ballistics calculations also. 556 loses 2/3 energy at 1100 feet, 7.62 loses only 1/2 energy at 1100 feet. What projectiles were recovered at the scene?
Etta Hasnogoats
Etta Hasnogoats5 days ago
Great comments. My ears are not too trained. I have fired a M16 on automatic. I could hear different sounds coming from different locations listening to all of the online videos. I was asking early on how do you explain the different sounds. I could not think the shooter was firing more than one rifle at the same time as well as different locations.
Donald Sullivan
Donald Sullivan4 days ago
CustomWoodTech what about the possibility of him sweeping the gun and just spraying? While i clearly hear the difference in pitch, i can also somewhat hear it change in a ramp up and down so the accoustics could be basically passing the camera. If you listen very carefully, that is what im hearing. What concerns me more is that we now know where he was firing from and we cannot see any muzzle flash as he mentioned from the high angle
Robert Fetten
Robert Fetten6 days ago
Good video. The police did not storm the hotel room until 72 minutes after the first 911 call and first bullets. Stephen Paddock was just a dead guy in the room on the 32nd floor. No evidence he did this as far as I’m concerned. No true motive either, no training, no insanity, ….he just was the guy someone pinned this on. ***MORE WILL BE REVEALED**** Hopefully
Wazo6 days ago
well, the room was filled with cameras placed by the shooter, so hopefully those will be released eventually.
JackoBanon15 days ago (edited)
I’m pretty sure that they would have taken a guy with a believable motive if they really wanted to stage it.
Jerry Crawford
Jerry Crawford1 day ago
I totally agree! He was already dead before any shooting took place!
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC6 days ago (edited)
We need first hand testimony from First Responders and Emergency Room Personnel (Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, etc…) We need specifics on Wound Patterns (Entry and Exit Wounds). Please forward the link to this video to anyone with first hand knowledge.
In the below Interview, Mike Cronk provides the statement that his “buddy” was shot 3x in the chest. This type of wound pattern is entirely inconsistent with a “bump fire” slide on an AR-15 from 518M Distance (Meaning Impossible)…and is entirely consistent with the suppressed controlled bursts at shorter range identified in this video.

Questions for Mike Cronk:

What is the spread on the 3 bullet entry wounds in your buddy’s chest?
How large were the Exit Wounds?
Where is your “Buddy” now?
What is your “Buddy’s” Name?

Link to Video:

Anyone out there with access to this type of information…now is the time to provide all the information you have…every detail.
Xstreamaudio6 days ago
Genesis CNC sounded like a few nights I had overseas. Definitely not a single shooter..that just insults combat personal. When your on the buisness end of these weapons you never forget the sounds….S.A.W…..all the way..if not more than one…
Xstreamaudio6 days ago
Genesis CNC 3 to the chest from over 500 yrds from a window at night in full auto….NO FREAKING WAY…NEVER. we have to stay on this and call bullshit when they try to feed it to us.
Langston Nance
Langston Nance5 days ago (edited)
The guy talking about the girl getting shot in the head looks and sounds like Dan Bilzerion. He spends a lot of time in Vegas and was in the military. He may have some insight on the whole thing.
EJ Love
EJ Love5 days ago
Langston Nance he posted a pic on Twitter of Paddock dead in the hotel room.
Etta Hasnogoats
Etta Hasnogoats5 days ago
I am thinking we may never glean too much information on bullet fragments left in the wounds. I am thinking you won’t be able to get wound description information that can be trusted. So far, all I am hearing is the victims will have to live with the bullet, and bullet fragments for the rest of their lives. The mass causality response following the shooting was sorely lacking. I did not see any medical evacuations via helicopters. It appears that no triage and treatment area was established outside of the kill zone. 100 severely wounded and unconscious victims were largely transported by trucks, and cars to the only level one treatment facility. 100 victims arriving at any hospital would overwhelm resources, and available staff. You will never see 100 patients in an intensive care unit. It sounds like the other 50+patients were transported to the only other healthcare facility in town. Where did the other 300+ victims receive emergency treatment?
8xtl83 days ago
Langston Nance Yes that’s Dan Bilzerian! I knew he looked familiar…
Martha Sheahan
Martha Sheahan2 days ago
Genesis CNC Wound patterns would be the most telling.
Melissa Currence
Melissa Currence2 days ago
The trauma unit is located at UMC Medical center – There are a dozen hospitals in Las Vegas. The most severely wounded would have been taken to UMC. The rest would have been disbursed around the valley. The major hospitals are very close so there would have been no need for helicopter transport. In deed, that may possibly taken longer.
blackappy1 day ago
Here’s his buddy. Band-aids on bullet wounds to the chest?
blackappy1 day ago
His buddy’s name is Robert McIntosh. Seems to be very active on facebook, considering his 3 gunshot wounds:
blackappy23 hours ago
And here’s a quote from Mike Cronk about “common sense gun laws” on his IG:

“cronkmike@tdk662 it’s not gun violence. It’s evil people.
They are using the guns as a tool, no different than bombs,
cars, knives, etc. What we need are some common sense laws
that will help lead to possible stopping these sorts of things
before they happen. There is no easy fix, but with common
sense we can surely help.”
Richard Haley
Richard Haley6 days ago
Two or more shooters for sure. That makes it a conspiracy. A planned operation. A group willing to do this would have no problem walking into someones hotel room, wacking them, then planting weapons. Maybe the reason why Paddock doesn’t fit the narrative is because he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Dustin Lee
Dustin Lee6 days ago
Richard Haley and the Mandalay doesent have surveillance in the halls !?!?! That would be the first thing they’d notice 
C Michael
C Michael4 days ago
ask yourself WHY that surveillance footage hasn’t been released to ANYBODY YET??? but somehow we have pics of the crime scene..
Jerry Crawford
Jerry Crawford1 day ago
I’m not sold that Paddock set up all that security that they said he had set up! I’m convinced he was already dead before any shooting took place!
Myla Starseed
Myla Starseed1 day ago
Dustin Lee, Does Mandalay have camera surveillance in the hotel hallways? I read an article, that’s dated, that stated that only a handful of the hotel casinos on the strip had cameras in their hotel halls.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC1 week ago
Did not mention in the video, but Cyclic Rate of Fire is critical to evaluate here:

Rate of fire in this situation can act like an acoustic signature, see below:

M4 Carbine Cyclical Rate of Fire:

Rate of Fire (Cyclic)
700-900 rounds per minute

M249 Cyclic Rate:

Hot barrel
200 rds or more in two minutes or less (any rate of fire)
Sustained rate 500 rds fired within ten minutes
Rapid rate 200 rds fired within two minutes
Cyclic rate 850 rds fired within one minute

M240B Cyclic Rate:

Sustained rate of fire 100 rpm
Rapid rate of fire 200 rpm
Cyclic rate of fire 650 rpm

M60 Cyclic Rate:

What are the sustained, rapid and cyclic rates of fire for the M60?
Sustained– 100
Rapid –200
Cyclic –550
Scott Walker
Scott Walker6 days ago
Genesis CNC , How often does the barrel have to be changed due to heat distortion from full auto fire?
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC6 days ago (edited)
As a guide (for the M240 B), a barrel change is required after firing at the:
•sustained rate for 10 minutes
•rapid rate for 2 minutes
4MyMoNsTeR6 days ago
Here is a picture…
David Witt
David Witt4 days ago
Genesis CNC there’s a video of the parking lot where a shooter was firing off rounds while the shots from the hotel can be heard. Also there were shots fired at the aria and Cesar’s. 3-4 shooters minimum.
G Hines
G Hines4 days ago
I was just about to mention the cyclic rate between the vegas shooter video and the M4 / M249 is all wrong. The 240 Bravo is the same.
MemoryDecipheR4 days ago
Genesis CNC Army veteran here, I believe a 240B took part in this.
Fghtillini61 week ago
Good break down of the events. Definately more than one shooter.
Wyatt Jernigan
Wyatt Jernigan6 days ago
im disgusted that I live in a country who’s government would this to its own people
Mike Barker
Mike Barker5 days ago
I spent 13 years in the Marine Corps and 2 trips to Iraq, told my wife from the very beginning this was a 240 firing on them.
Matrix Adjustment
Matrix Adjustment5 days ago
We know what the heck it is, especially 31s I was 0331, NO ONE knows machine guns like freakin Marines and thats a fact jack!
Caleb Swartz
Caleb Swartz4 days ago
0351 here. I agree with y’all. 240 for sure.
Ketsa Official
Ketsa Official3 days ago
Thanks for all the work, I’m sold too.
CuriousFurious582 days ago
Based Basterd
Based Basterd1 day ago
Mike Barker spot on man……… same with the suppressed M4 on the ground in the crowd. No wonder Hillary said something about Silencers in a Tweet after the shooting? 
Wes Hamacher
Wes Hamacher1 day ago
Hats off for all you Marines and everything you guys do for our country! You guys and gals can’t be thanked enough for everything you do for our country! Love you guys and Thank you.
God Bless
Timmy Monte
Timmy Monte1 week ago
The priestess Hillary today, made a comment about silencers. That was an order to her subordinates in this cult to use such devices next time
Valters Boze
Valters Boze1 week ago
hillary just needs to escape one thing. benghazi trial, coincidentally happening on october 2.
Allen Bak
Allen Bak6 days ago
As a machine gunner, I too believe it was an automatic belt fed weapon, and in my experience, there should have been muzzle flashes. Something that I have noticed is, a few bursts where the fire seems as if the assailants are using a tactic called “talking guns”. It’s main function is to conserve ammo by firing 5 round bursts, and to confuse your targets and keep them suppressed like you saw the huge group on the ground. These 2 principles couples w and interlocking field of fire creates mass devastation on large groups of people. These 2 tactics are used a majority of the time in machine gunnery (more than likely minus the MK19 grenade launcher) during patrols and large groups to cut your targets down quickly. Now I know there wasn’t much ammo conservation going on here, but in this video, there are a few times when you can hear the firearms follow one another. I’ll post a link to the video I’m talking about. I’m also not trying to troll ya bud, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if more than one person was struck in the head. A machine gun fires an elyptical pattern called the beaten zone. 240 B and G are not point target weapons like a rifle or a pistol. Of course you aim, but if you’re outside the max effective range spraying into a crowd of people much lower than you nonetheless, head shots are possible. Just my opinion. great video though man.

Hope this also helps debunk the “lone wolf” theory. You can here one or 2 bursts where is almost sounds like talking guns were used, but it could also just be coincidence.
Banshee Wanshee
Banshee Wanshee5 days ago
video is now unavailable. :/ I was interested in the link.
11bravo 01A
11bravo 01A5 days ago
not wanting to piss on your theory and the link in the comment is down now I would give you time stamps to review what i am talking about but i’m sure the link is the cab girl tranny guy video @ the building where you hear the loud burst then the muffled burst. have you thought that hes firing from the side window right over the person filming dumping the drum then grabs a second/or reloads moves to the second window the front facing window and fires from that position it muffles the sound because the filmer is around the corner that’s what i gather from it you also hear the echo of the burst and the rounds cracking off in the distance adding to the sound confusion. also in the video the shooter moves back to the first firing position begins to lay down another burst and she starts to drive around the corner this time as he’s still cyclic and the shots are muffled as she makes it around the corner. I’ve experienced this when working out of a large hotel building and roof top was firing and i was moving around the bottom. this is what flashed through my head as i watch the cab video. you can also hear some extreme cyclic rate change throughout a burst later in the video telling me bump stock never have i heard a gun slow like that and not miss fed
matt ransom
matt ransom5 days ago
Are you able to repost that video or find it again. They took it down
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson2 days ago
You can see it here, especially in slow motion. Supposedly he had a shooting platform set up with curtains barely open. I think thats why its hard to see.
Yo Mamma
Yo Mamma1 day ago
no the flashing your seeing is not the correct window good eye tho
gaetana scamardo
gaetana scamardo6 days ago
In the photo of Paddock he was not wearing a vest, to rapidly have asset multi clips, and the photos show no belt feed devise on the floor. Photo looks staged?
Corey Roberts
Corey Roberts5 days ago
In one of the photos it show’s an AR laying across his lower left leg, almost like it was placed there after he was shot. Could be nothing but awful suspicious to me. And the revolver he supposedly used to shoot himself is laying 5 feet behind him with a blood trail leading to it and blood on the gun. Almost as if the gun was behind him when he was shot in the head and the blood from the exit wound sprayed onto the gun. Just my guess.
Chris Leath
Chris Leath5 days ago
The image of him on the floor looks like he was shot in the chest and bled out of his mouth and nose. Either that or he spilled his dinner on his shirt.
Heather Ward
Heather Ward4 days ago
gaetana scamardo What stood out to me in the pics. Is that there were casings on top of the blood but casings had no blood or blood splatter on them! They they were placed there or shots fired after he was dead. Also in the pics released. We seen NO bump fire stocks, belt fed machine guns, I seen one drum the rest were standard 30 rd magazines. That does not fit with what web all can hear. I think this man was a pasty. Also i have one other question. Isn’t it strange that their saying he didn’t use a supressor. Yet we clearly hear one? Then so many politicians have came out speaking against supressors. I have no idea what truly happened. I don’t think we ever will get the TRUTH! But, I don’t buy for a second he was a lone shooter. I thought that from the first video I seen.
Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith15 hours ago
Where are these pictures at?
Marlon Katrell
Marlon Katrell5 days ago
My friends were there. They’re adamant that there were multiple shooters.
inge smit
inge smit2 days ago
Marlon Katrell srry .. what did they notice? Why do they think that?
Do they know where fire came from? Can you ask?
Tracee Machelle Hutchins
Tracee Machelle Hutchins5 days ago
Thank you…my son has been training his guys on the SAW, he’s “expert” has trained on everything for the last 15 years…he is positive the rapid is from a SAW. AT LEAST TWO GUNS. Either some idiot flipped the lights in thinking it would help the people find a way out OR, they were flipped on to illuminate the targets. The second gun could have been back on that dark stage, behind the lights. Biggest question, WHY are the cops lying?
Heather Ward
Heather Ward4 days ago
Tracee Machelle Hutchins I don’t think the second shooter was on the stage. That close shooting at people they wouldn’t be confion where the shots were coming from. They would know very quickly someone shooting that close. I think that’s why both shooters kept distance. Then everyone is confused and running in circles so to speak. Instead of running one way way from the shots. Jmo
Pamala Lindemann
Pamala Lindemann1 week ago
Shared on Social media…You made some great points. Really great!! Also I was wondering if the Mandalay Hotel doesn’t have some type of metal detectors?? I’m wondering how the killer was able to transport soo many firearms??> 20+ Anyway thank you very much Genesis.Your time and this video is much appreciated.
fachinimichael1 week ago
Pamala Lindemann Mandalay bay has metal detectors
m smith
m smith6 days ago
There is a gun show in Vegas at least once every few weeks. Someone bringing multiple rifle cases into a hotel would not necessarily alert security. Also, he could have disassembled some rifles and put them in suitcases, or even a golf bag case.
@ffec+6 days ago
m smith
20 heavy “golf bags?” Right…

Another pathetic hoax, a la Sandy Hook, Orlando, Boston. Fake AF
A K5 days ago
How about a camera anywhere? Does anyone have a video of this guy? MB has 4,000 cameras.
joseph frank
joseph frank4 days ago
They have cameras in the elevators but still no pictures!
Ann Austin
Ann Austin3 days ago
There would be video evidence of this. Notta
Aspetuck Antiques
Aspetuck Antiques1 week ago
I did a little research based on the sound of the weapon, as heard in the numerous videos. My semi-educated guess is that the psychopathic murderer may have used a 7.62 mm, belt-fed, fully automatic M-62 NATO machine gun (without tracers). The “pace” of the firing is slower than that of more modern weapons and the belts come in metal boxes of 200 rounds per box, which makes some sense, assuming the killer changed position while firing. These are highly illegal anywhere in the U.S. unless you have a special machine gun dealer’s permit, which is nearly impossible to get and just possessing one of these guns without the proper credentials can land a person in jail for quite a while. The shooter may have purchased a semi-automatic retrofit and modified the gun to shoot fully automatic. My thoughts go out to the victims, friends and families affected. There was really no way of preventing this monumental horror, but the evidence they collect will go a very long way in helping prevent a similar episode. I am only a quarter of the way into your video, so my apologies if you already covered this material.
Earthman Surfer
Earthman Surfer6 days ago
If the shooter(s) used a retrofit, I heard the gun would jam quite a bit though. Didn’t hear those frequent pauses yet…
NikolaiVolkov5 days ago
What the hell is an M-62? There is no rifle, LMG or otherwise serving under that designation. Sounds like a 249 to me; those weren’t 7.62.
minchoff gomorkovsky
minchoff gomorkovsky5 days ago
I’m hearing the same thing as you. I used to shoot an M60 from helicopters back in my army days and that was the first thing I heard. Slower rate of fire and plenty of range.
A K4 days ago
The guy was already dead. Multiple black ops shooters.
Dominick Buscemi
Dominick Buscemi3 days ago
Sounded like an m-60 to me, too. Haven’t actually heard one, though, for 50 years.
iYegor Enjoy!
iYegor Enjoy!1 day ago
Good point about other than M240/M249 weapon used. Its not impossible. See my comments above. I would love to see the real list of weapons in that room compared to the rounds extracted from dead and wounded.
Sonny Ankou
Sonny Ankou1 day ago
I’ts without a doubt a 240 bravo firing.
fachinimichael1 week ago
Also, did you see the interview where someone said they listened to the scanner and they said there were 3 shooters? One on 29Th floor, 32nd floor, and 35Th floor… Odd… And me, with no gun or military training, hear a belt fed gun
Allison Haner
Allison Haner6 days ago
fachinimichael heard their were 3 also on the scanner.
Bob Barbara
Bob Barbara5 days ago
If That Is The Case, Where Are The Broken Windows On the Other Floors???? LOL
Sda Chik
Sda Chik5 days ago
My friend’s family member, married to a cop, still has the ‘bullet’ in her head–in icu in a coma as of yesterday. I will tactfully try to find out the caliber/size. I assume she is still alive… I will try
brian ring
brian ring5 days ago
God bless you brother thank you for making this video you’re being used to help expose this tyranny
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts6 days ago
I’d want to see another video at the same time period as the 3:30 mark in the video you showed. It looks to me like the “bursts” happen at the exact same time as the camera moves left, then stops as the camera moves right. This would indicate that it could be more to do with acoustics than anything else. A video from another angle would confirm or reject that hypothesis.
wnnabnrml5 days ago
Kevin Roberts I have a video from the other angle posted public on my Facebook.
Wynetta Here
R4 days ago
Kevin Roberts not sure if this is at the same time period but check this video out. Go to 2.20 min :
theres no camera movement from left to right in that vid.
Chase Lord
Chase Lord4 days ago
just watch the taxi pov video, there is zero arguement. 2 shooters minimum
Sadantnan L
Sadantnan L6 days ago (edited)
This is a taxi driver who filmed what looked like shots coming out of what she thought was a 10th story window. around the 4:55-5:04 mark. Then around 6:05-6:20 she says 10th floor Mandalay Bay. I was thinking it could have been a reflection. She seem to have been closer to the shooter.
peolesdru6 days ago
I’ve heard the lower (7th or 10th) room had a strobe light going. I’ve seen the taxi footage and I could see that lower floor flashing to conceivably be a strobe.
Ed B. Smith
Ed B. Smith6 days ago
Look at her drivers side mirror – it chatches the muzzle fire from the window behind her at first before she gets turned around.
starryy19805 days ago
Are you talking around the 1:45 mark? It’s a bicycle cop or security. The flashing is coming from the bike. You see it then it stops and then you see him ride by on his bike.
hashy35 days ago (edited)
At 46 seconds of the taxi driver video it’s clear as day There is a shooter faraway from the Mandalay
maggie12925 days ago
I think that is the strobe they keep talking about on the lower floor. The reason I say that is that it keeps flashing even when shots are not being fired.
Jamie McCullough
Jamie McCullough5 days ago
The flashes match the sound. You are gonna see the flash before you hear the sound. I have watched that video multiple times and that is 100% a flash of a muzzle, not a strobe light.
Jason Fresh
Jason Fresh4 days ago
ah ye, then why doesn’t the flash stop? this theory is already debunked.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll3 days ago
Important part is 45 seconds. She is directly under both windows(checked google maps sat view and street view) and you hear echo of distant shots with no outgoing fire from Mandalay.
Winter Z
Winter Z5 days ago
I said it the moment I first watched the video.. 2 shooters! I showed this to my Dad whom is a retired Army police officer, without hesitation, he immediately pointed out two different sounds from 2 different guns. It’s unmistakable
GUN TIMES5 days ago
TreadReview5 days ago
OMG Everyone needs to watch this video.
Eric Repsher
Eric Repsher1 week ago
Been telling the wife since we woke up that it was two different rifles funny how hours after Gabby Giffard talking about gun laws its a shame what its gonna have to come to for all this to stop
Jack Sampson
Jack Sampson5 days ago
Here is bodycam footage released by LVMPD. You can clearly hear single shots followed by 3 round bursts. I think can make out at least two different shooters around the 1:08 mark
RowdyDingo5 days ago
Awesome, intelligent breakdown. As many people as possible need to see this.
Captain n0etics
Captain n0etics3 days ago
Welp, veteran reporting in. I’ve been on the fence until listening to your video around the 15 minute mark where there are TWO distinct reports recorded. Fuck me dude, down the rabbit hole I go.
Brian Wade
Brian Wade6 days ago
There is no need for you to apologize bruddah! We can hear it in your voice like how we all feel. That loss for words at how horrific this tragedy is. The only ones that need to apologize are whomever was a seconds shooter and all of those involved and/or are covering something up. Either way I hope anyone else that may have been involved that they are brought to justice. And I pray for all of those innocent victims and their families. Lastly thank you Genesis for taking the time to piece this video and information together. Please if it is taken down keep reposting it until the public gets some answers!
Angel B. Higgins
Angel B. Higgins5 days ago
thanks for making this video, cause I’ve thought I’d heard overlapping and different bursts from this video when it was 1st posted. I don’t feel so crazy now :)
Annette Curry
Annette Curry5 days ago
At just before 29:51 you can hear the 2 weapons again on full auto together one far one close again. just thought you may want to look in to that as well. great video, good job.
Annette Curry
Annette Curry5 days ago
29:44 on your video
fachinimichael1 week ago
I think your spot on. Two different shooters, two different spots.
DaReoCharmer6 days ago
fachinimichael One woman said her friend was hit with a 223 and survived
Mistress JHolly
Mistress JHolly1 week ago
You do not want lights out.. the shooters were not aiming… people need to find ailes and exists.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC4 days ago
There is a video footage out there where a security guard can be seen taking a knee and “at first glance” and from the specific vantage point from which the footage was taken, appears to fire into the crowd. This is not what is happening, here is a better angle:

If you try and post comments referring to this specific person as a shooter in the crowd they will not get through.
raymond hewitt
raymond hewitt3 days ago
My girlfriend was there and my brother was shot through the lower armpit and out his chest while getting up in a pushup position after ducking from the first round of shots.they both believe multiple..also immedoately after my brother was shot a woman got shot directly in the face killing her next to him he says and im sorry for such graphic but he said her fac3 looked like she was shot with a shotgun the damge tje bullet inflicted …my girlfriend says the reason why was because it sounded like the shots were getting closer…my brother says it was just too much carnage from too many directions uncle who has hunted his whole life looked at my brothers chest wound and doesnt believe he was shot from the direction the wound shows ..they both believe someone was on the ground…lots of confusion .What about the microphones could any of that be echoes and feedback…
C Michael
C Michael4 days ago
amazing analysis. Also, there is video of the aftermath just a few minutes after the shooting ended ALL THOSE LIGHTS WERE TURNED OFF…..,
Martha Sheahan
Martha Sheahan2 days ago
C Michael I’m in Henderson and saw a report that all of those people were left inside until the next day! I haven’t seen it since.
inge smit
inge smit2 days ago
Yes while people still where alive in that warzone… sooo sad…
Heidi Brydson
Heidi Brydson4 days ago
You nailed it, Thank you!!! I now have my proof. Marines are saying the same thing. God bless you, we need truth to heal. Sharing everywhere before they take this down. Keep putting it out there, if they do that. Give it to Julian Assange.
Michael Miner
Michael Miner4 days ago
Something I’ve found interesting; there are eye witness accounts that are not being reported on. At least 2 couples from Australia were in the immediate vicinity and saw some things that were very interesting. They gave their accounts to the authorities and news outlets. But their accounts have not been made public or reported on until they got back to their home country.

One statement was that there were shooters on the 4th floor and bodies in the 4th floor hallway. The second statement was of a heavily armed man in a “security” jacket running from authorities in a different hotel.

A lot of videos and social media post are being taken down by google,Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that are talking about this. Infact, my local news was in the middle of reporting that it’s impossible for him to have been running for room to room shooting and maintain the volume of fire and the reported was cut off mid statement via commercial break as he was reporting. This was live news cast. Just some food for though
Lisa Renee
Lisa Renee4 days ago
Thank you for the video. I agree . . . It’s not adding up. I’m not a gun expert but I’m very detail oriented, I play music by ear, I was raised by a detective, and I hear a difference. I’ve considered the possibilities of echo, concert speaker system amplification, and ricochet yet I still hear at least 2 guns and different distances. The LVMPD said they weren’t shooting back–so that can’t be what we’re hearing either. Before seeing this video, I was already questioning why a 32nd floor shooter would have “definitely planned to escape” (according to the LVMPD) yet Paddock apparently made no attempt to hide the fact that HE rented that room. It makes no sense to plan an escape when it would be obvious who had escaped. I doubt he would have been stupid enough to think he could later say, “Oh, it wasn’t me–even though I rented the room and all my guns are there.” Or, escape to what–a life of hiding? I’m leaning towards him just being a guy that other people pinned this on.
inge smit
inge smit2 days ago
Lisa Renee good thought! Was asking same thing myself…
vegavak6 days ago
Thank you for your breakdown and insight. It was very easy to follow. I hope we can all eventually learn the truth of what happened.
minchoff gomorkovsky
minchoff gomorkovsky5 days ago
I think you can accurately determine the rate of fire by counting the rounds fired running the videos in slow-motion taking into account the number of video frames and frame rate per second against the number of shots heard. The rate of fire should provide some indication of the weapon used. As a former US Army helicopter door gunner, the rate of fire that I am hearing sounds more like an M60 which puts out 500 to 600 rounds per minute (or about 9 to 10 per second). This is the rate I am hearing when the long bursts are fired (one is about 12 seconds). The short bursts sound more like an M16 or other smaller caliber automatic rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute (or about 13 per second). If you can with certainty determine that the two short bursts you pointed out as occurring during and over the long burst, then you’ve got your proof.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago
Something like this:
Eric Jones
Eric Jones5 days ago
Using my headphones and holy Shit …
Jeannette Fish
Jeannette Fish4 days ago (edited)
I know someone who was there who is prior military, and owns her own tactical company – I sent her a copy of your video and asked her to connect with you or comment. Well done….I am beyond impressed :)
BOB WIELAND3 days ago
One of the most intelligent videos so far which maintains it’s focus on logical conclusions rather then emotional hyperbole..thanks for sharing
CustomWoodTech2 days ago
Ann Rein
Ann Rein4 days ago
They’re in natural disaster mode with the lights. Lights on so people can see their way out. No one thought about being fish in a bowl in the moment. Thank you for this video, I hope it stays up – I knew I heard full auto……
Vaping With Hacked
Vaping With Hacked1 week ago
OMG bro,, you are blowing my mind with this.. There was 2 gunmen had to be..
DaReoCharmer6 days ago
Vaping With Hacked Absolutely, I’m starting to believe patsy never shot anybody
Ward2 days ago
Whats certain at this point is that there were multiple shooters firing at the crowd. The single gunman theory is false.
Joel Miller
Joel Miller1 week ago (edited)
People there reported only hearing shots fired but not seeing anyone hit or muzzle flashes from the footage playing simultaneously showing supposed area..I said sounds like belt fed this morning after first hearing it because you can hear the lag of the belt..I’ve fired and was an expert with the M60 mg
America First
America First1 week ago
There is a video of muzzle flash on the 4th floor. Check it out
Joel Miller
Joel Miller1 week ago
None of it adds up, I can’t believe they’re this stupid and sloppy or they just don’t care anymore, what’s next
Joel Miller
Joel Miller1 week ago
Genesis CNC check Tracey bean
fachinimichael1 week ago
And I agree. First thing that came to mind when I watched the videos, was belt fed
Whaleman6 days ago
You make a very good case in that there were multiple weapons being fired–simultaneously at times.

Some news reports of the first images of his arsenal show two ar-15’s with bump-fire stocks. However, those pictured, did not have drum mags on them.

Do you think the LVPD SWAT could be running suppressed m4’s? It sounded like it was being shot from pretty close though…I doubt the SWAT team would be shooting into the hotel from that distance.
iYegor Enjoy!
iYegor Enjoy!1 day ago
Hi. I heard your invitation to comment. I am a USMC combat veteran from two tours to fallujah 2004-2006 and then some good times in afghanistan as a contractor. I am a firearms instructor M9, M240, M16A4, as well as regular requilifications on .50CAL MG and MK19. Before I begin, thank you for making this video. I can see why it is uncomfortable. Hearing belt fed gunfire without knowing who’s shooting is disturbing to veterans.

Soldier shooting M4 vs. belt fed operation: The soldier may not have fully loaded mags. Maybe loaded them up to 10-15 rounds each to save ammo to practice at local range COP or FOB.

Lights on stage: Option 1 – yes maybe they were turned on to illuminate the kill box. Option 2 – Since no one could tell where the shooting was from, someone may have had a “good idea” to light up the scene to find the shooter and maybe to let people see to escape.

7.62 vs. 5.56: My ears hear both calibers shot from either a drum/larger mag or beltfed. Also, keep in mind there is a AR10 that shoots a 7.62 round.. so its just a sexier AR15. The AR10 may be made to shoot rapidly by mods and accessories.

Rapid fire after woman in video says “austin” and then overlapping short controlled bursts: Sounds like two shooters for sure. Echo from sound bouncing off concrete/asphalt/buildings is unlikely to produce the sound of short controlled bursts when the wepon used has a larger capacity of rounds (i.e, beltfed or large mag) So, it sounds like two shooters for sure. Therefore – option 1 is two shooters. Option 2 is short bursts are from someone firing back or just firing to attempt to make the shooter seek cover.

Angles: good point that line of sight would be obstructed more from higher elevation and he would need to scoot up which would expose muzzle flash. Maybe a flash suppressor? Also, the higher the point of origin of the round the further it is, making more accurate shooting less likely. One would have to be better than average to shoot for so long (weapon spraying all over the place) and to be effective. One would need to sight in, fire 8-12 rounds, then sight in again, and repeat to be effective at longer distances.

Spraying effectively: Yes it is difficult to do at 500+ meters compared to shorter distances. And rounds hitting ground will spark. Where are the tracers if its a belt fed? Did he assemble his own belt and removed tracers? I however I do believe that shooting down at 45 degree angle at 22k people is likely to produce 60 kils and wound many. Some rounds will hurt/kill more than one person. Not sure how that pans into the duration of shooting as I have never fired into a crowed that never shot back.

My preliminary questions are:

Were there links in the room? what size links?
List of weapons and weapon accessories in the room?
Were all weapons fired or just 3-4?
hands of teh shooter have residue/carbon that matches types of fired weapons?
As you said, what caliber was pulled out of dead/wounded?
What calibers of rounds was found in the ground/structures?
What angles of shots can be calculated from ground and structures?
What about other high structures in the area that would have had killing field in sight? Even if they are further away….?
Where are the muzzle flashes.. hard to hide m249 or m240 flash without specific skills/experience/practice.

Thanks again. Looking forward to discussion. (sorry for typos, but you get the point..)

Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC1 day ago
Tracer Rounds Trace both directions, just like lasers. Removal of the Tracer Rounds would be required.
Phibian Gear
Phibian Gear5 days ago
Bravo Zulu Genesis, IMHO, 1st time I listened to this footage, I never thought, oh just one shooter. This sounded like a TIC ambush by multiple POS & multiple fields of fire. When I heard the single shooter narrative, thought 
joseph frank
joseph frank4 days ago (edited)
j deez
j deez3 days ago
0:45 seconds into the cab driver video is the proof for a 2nd shooter as it’s gun shots are solo….the gun comes in by itself with no other guns…definitely further away….no question

I come with Video/Audio Recording and Studio production experience. Proximity to mic “Spikes” are the key. Look at the wave everyone that knows what i’m saying. 0:45 has no close to mic spike like the shots preceding or following.
Josey Zadoria
Josey Zadoria3 days ago
This is probably the best analysis of the two shooter theory I have seen yet! No doubt in my mind that it couldn’t have been from the 32nd floor and that Paddock wasn’t even the shooter! Great job on breaking it down! Also yes I agree those lights is just messed up, and I don’t understand why that was not addressed. It almost seems deliberate that they would have been left on.
Bikes & Bullets
Bikes & Bullets2 days ago
Your approach to assessing this shooting was spot on IMHO. The audio in the videos I have viewed on this event exposes and repeats the multiple shooter evidence. Yours is exceptional and again imho makes the official narrative FALSE. My years of experience in the Marine Corps has imprinted the sounds of automatic gunfire that can never forgotten. You have exposed what we used to call ‘talking guns’. It is a scenario that includes multiple fields of fire for 3 man 240 Gulf fire teams within a target area firing in unison, over lapping eachother and of course separately. Also, SAW teams used these methods. Without a doubt, ‘talking guns’ was observed in the videos. Unfortunatley, the official narrative is going to stick. There is no way the Sheriff, FBI and the media is going to reverse their story. There is NO WAY to prosecute these people for fraud, obstruction of justice, and perjury as a result either. Great presentation and analysis nonetheless.
KY Trapping Outdoors Ryan Thompson
KY Trapping Outdoors Ryan Thompson4 days ago
I think that the guy in the photos that’s dead the shooter” they claim isn’t Paddock I think it’s someone else. I seen a photo that showed he has a 13 tattooed on his throats and that shooter didn’t have a tatto. Plus taxi driver video shows 4th floor muzzle flash. And that would shorten the angle for a gun to be set back on a bipod but still didn’t hide his muzzle flash
Vada Ann
Vada Ann3 days ago
Excellent observations. Very convincing evidence of multiple shooters. The official narrative is bogus. Time to find the second shooter.
cbunga3 days ago
Explanation for the blinder lights being on: When you do sound for large venues, if it’s thought that there is a shooter on the floor, stage lights go off, screens go off, audio off, and blinders on, in order to disorient the shooter because if it’s an indoor venue, those things are so bright that you basically are blinded by them, for all intents and purposes. Lighting guy was simply following protocol. Probably not aware yet at the time he turned the lights on that he was actually lighting up the crowd for the shooter who was not actually among them….but the lighting director would have no way of knowing that at that point.
Julie Bergmann
Julie Bergmann3 days ago
When you pause your video around the 8:10 mark look at the top right on the roof. It looks like there is some kind of movement of someone on the roof.
CanisSuperious1 day ago (edited)
Thank you for comming forth with this crucial information. I live in Las Vegas. I work at the airport. There were reports of people running down the runway to get away from the shooter. Did not happen. There was no security breech. The airport would have been on lockdown. I start work at 4:30am and arrived that morning at 3:40am. There was no security presence or activity. In addition, I mentioned to co-workers that there had to be a 2nd shooter because of the sounds in the video played on the news broadcast. Immediatly, I was looked at as a nutball conspiracy theorist. Thank you showing that there those who think and question, not simply take the words of those who have lied before as the gosple.
Birgit Lenderink
Birgit Lenderink4 days ago
Good work! Thank you.
John Anon5150 *ORIG*
John Anon5150 *ORIG*4 days ago
Good analysis, thank you for this.
Ty Towriss
Ty Towriss4 days ago
Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
Realeyes 81
Realeyes 814 days ago
Amazing video. Don’t stop spreading the truth! We have to wake this country up now more than ever!!
KJ4ZQX4 days ago
Can we please analyze the Taxi driver video from Mandalay Bay (long version).
Tracey Snyder
Tracey Snyder4 days ago
Thank you Genesis, I know this was a hard video to make. And I know it leaves you open to all kinds of hate and anger, but thanks to you the truth will out. We can not end these types of actions until we can admit they are happening. Thank you again.
George King
George King4 days ago
So it would seem like there were one or more people of “Special Interest” that was shot by controller burst shooter. The rest is just to cover up these murders.
Jeannette Fish
Jeannette Fish4 days ago
Excellent…..amazing work! :)
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez4 days ago
What did you think of the picture that where “leaked”?
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC4 days ago
I have serious concerns. More to follow…
Michael Miner
Michael Miner4 days ago
I’m a 9 year is army combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and was danger close to both fort hood shootings. I’m also a gun guy, but not an SME by any means.

The initial burst sounds like an older auto rifle. Reminiscent of the M60 to the original Gatling gun. It’s also hip fired, “spray and pray” targeting method. It also sounds like a round in the 30 caliber realm. The middle fires sound like an L shaped ambush with an elevated shooter or director. This didn’t initiate until the stage was clear. I don’t think anything was suppressed. Here is why, sub sonic rounds don’t have the terminal ballistics at distance due to them being heavier but much slower. A suppressor will be destroyed by super sonic rounds in a hurry. I would guess something like an MP5. This is also confirmed by the head shot that didn’t kill, I assume. A 30 caliber head shot has the same effect on the human head as it does on a deer head shot. They also make low/no flash powders specifically for no/low light shooting conditions; protects the shooter/defender for flash blinding them self during a self defense situation.

If I’ve mentioned things that have already been addressed, I’m sorry. I have not read any comments
brandon jackson
brandon jackson5 days ago
A Person
A Person6 days ago
You make compelling points , I’d like to see an audio engineer/expert analyse the video as well
Storm Singer
Storm Singer6 days ago
When I watched one of the videos of when the belt fed gun was shooting, I noticed consistent flashes correlating w the sound of the gun, around the 4th floor. Right side of the tower in the middle.
Steve Timman
Steve Timman6 days ago
Acoustic ricochets all over the place make it hard to discern shot origin and quantity.
jarry Dee
jarry Dee3 days ago
Watch the lady taxi driver video. She is parked right under the hotel. No shots for 20 seconds, then you hear far away ones, so not a echo. Then 20 seconds later they are LOUD and right above her.
mdghp12 -kai
mdghp12 -kai5 days ago Watch bottom left
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago
It is not what you think. See below link of the same time and place from a different vantage point:
Kay InMaine
Kay InMaine3 days ago
Excellent video! You have definitely pinpointed at least two shooters who were shooting at the same time from different locations with different kinds of guns!
Info Trek
Info Trek5 days ago
Excellent analysis, I don’t know anything about firearms, so I learned a lot. 2 distinct guns, I believe it. But I bet somebody will say the shooter had some sort of remote trigger setup or something. It’s hard to tell from the audio if the shots were coming from 2 separate places – like you said, a suppressor is designed to mask the location of the sound. Hopefully more info will come to light.
Jason Kish
Jason Kish5 days ago
Dude, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this video, but most people are capable of comprehending information first time. For God sake, please only elaborate on a point, once, or at a maximum, twice.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago (edited)
No. You are wrong. Most people are NOT capable of comprehending information the first time. This is why I repeat myself. Like I said, this is why I repeat myself.

I’ll put it to you another way:

I am going to tell you that you are wrong. You are wrong. I just told you that you are wrong.
Violet Martin
Violet Martin4 days ago
Jason Kish I teach high school science. You do have to repeat yourself when teaching something new. I thought this video was well done.
3 days ago Listen to the background scatter and you can hear two guns talking to each other
Chuck Beef
Chuck Beef4 days ago
All the mags in the hotel room photos were max 45 rounds. Some of the bursts were over 70 rounds. Also only maybe 50 shell casings on the floor and none rained out of the building onto the ground.
Joel Miller
Joel Miller1 week ago
Another thing is you would hear ricocheted rounds with that many incoming…it was pumped into the speakers
GuyFox3 days ago
you’re awesome man thanks for this
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson2 days ago
Why haven’t the FBI analyzed any of this footage and gave us their opinion on it?
Dylan Maldonado
Dylan Maldonado6 days ago
Great video. The US government is insane.
Charla Sisk
Charla Sisk6 days ago
I am a Veteran (expert marksman), but not combat. However, even I can tell the difference in the rate of fire by the different shooters. Just the fact there is an eyewitness who speaks of a woman who was telling everyone they were going to die at the concert only 45 minutes prior to the shootings is more proof their weremultiple people involved. I still find it “too coincidental” the girlfriend of the supposed lone shooter was out of the country and had a Melbourne Passport which is important because on the Melbourne ANTIFA FB page they declared it was one of their comrades. I messaged the Melbourne ANTIFA and they replied to me “Lol no, drumpftards got btfo”. They were celebrating. Also, I have listened to the police scanner audio video in it’s entirety which multiple officers and reports to officers said their were multiple shooters and locations from which the shots were being fired. I believe conservatives have been attacked by ANTIFA. This was planned and the beginning of a war to overthrow all dissidents against the New World Order which has been 28 years in the making. Conservatives spoiled their final nail in the coffin by not voting in Hillary who is the biggest traitor in American history and maybe the world ever. We have been told this was coming. Henry Kissinger spoke of it many decades ago saying hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans will die when they try to take our guns and destroy our country. I’ve said more than I should, but love my country too much to ignore the obvious. God bless.
Marvin2256 days ago
Good point of view, help to vote this comment upwards guys
Hector Valencia
Hector Valencia5 days ago
Charla Sisk God bless America!
Josey Zadoria
Josey Zadoria3 days ago
Very well said! God bless you Charla!
Rene Scherger
Rene Scherger2 days ago
This was done by trained professionals, not Antifa fart breathers.
Ray Eby
Ray Eby6 days ago
strange, I wrote a comment about the lighting and its gone I’ll write it again

I used to work for the company that was doing the lighting for the concert and know the guy who was working the show. they use a lighting console called the Roadhog and had dozens of buttons and hundreds of pre settings. Only he and maybe his helper would know which buttons those specific lights were assigned to. nobody would know how to turn them off but him, and I know he turned them on in a panic when he heard the gunfire.
inge smit
inge smit2 days ago
Ray Eby why was it turned of when shootimg stopped and people where dying and needed help?
Gio Rios
Gio Rios5 days ago
Hey man, I posted about the shooter using an M240 because I was there and I shoot AR’s and know that was definitely not magazine loaded it was belt fed and the rate of fire was that of an M240, my name is Gio Rios and my post got plenty of shares and likes/comments before being taken down this morning. I’ve reposted it now and would like to use this video on my new post.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago
Go ahead.
Josie H
Josie H5 days ago (edited)
My buddies friend was there. Just uploaded a video he accidently took. He was recording and forgot to shut it off before he put his phone in his pocket. For the first 3 or so minutes you hear jason aldean previous song being performed. Then as its ending you hear a little screaming in the backround (no gun fire though. At least not the kind we hear in all the other videos so far released) then you hear his friend say “why are they ducking?” And more screams happen. “Why are you ducking?!” Then jason aldean starts his next song. (People still screaming) and thats when we hear the first sound of shots going off. From this video people were already being hit before the inital firing we hear in all other videos. As i said though you can’t hear any gun shots initally. (Also to comment on the lights) unfortunately it was dumb that they turned on the lights. But from what I’ve seen at concerts when the “special lights” are shut off the main ones come on to help people not trip over things. I think they had them on so that people weren’t running in the dark. In no way do i agree with them doing that. But i could see someone not prepared for that situation and not even thinking twice about it.
Genesis CNC
Genesis CNC5 days ago
you need to share the video ASAP.
Josie H
Josie H5 days ago (edited)
New at commenting on youtube videos so. Hopefully this link will get you to the video
Sorry about that! I shared from his facebook. You should be able to review it since it’s not on private!
Curtis Lindholm
Curtis Lindholm5 days ago
Genesis CNC Josie’s video gets interesting at the 4:00 mark. Clearly people are reacting to something, but the sounds of gunfire aren’t audible until around 4:30 mark.

No way sound takes half a minute from ~500 yards to reach them right??

By the way, Genesis you’ve convinced me (data analyst) that there were more than 1 shooters. What do you make of the videos showing flashing lights at a story < 10 floors up? Curtis Lindholm Curtis Lindholm5 days ago Some folks blame a strobe light, others blame reflections. Would love to get your analysis of these videos of a lower floor second shooter... Andy Wickersham Andy Wickersham5 days ago You can hear what sounds like 3 shots beginning at 3:59. 2 ian Stewart ian Stewart5 days ago Heard those too, then he asks why are you ducking and you can hear people become concerned in his vicinity C Michael C Michael4 days ago (edited) 3 distinct shots close by are fired starting at the 3:53 mark, aldean isn't playing his next song until around 4:15 mark and on when the real shit goes down. Someone was on the ground shooting in coordination with another gunner up higher somewhere else. 1 Nancy Schmidbauer Nancy Schmidbauer6 days ago There were many that were interview after the shooting that said they felt they were being herded by other shooters to keep them in the area of the shooting. This coincides with what you are saying. 5 DaReoCharmer DaReoCharmer6 days ago Nancy Schmidbauer I think the closer burst fire was probably the 4th floor shooter Karri Vale Karri Vale5 days ago How did they get the window open? I think they had to be at the grounds. metalhoggne metalhoggne6 days ago (edited) I clicked on "thumb up" and immediatly received a virus attack by the source: "wVx4rt.exe" - thats a rare form of a trojaner called: "TR/Vaxer.A (Cloud)". Funny coincidence! I guess that this side is already infected by some source to archive and analyze the meta-data of their users! 4 athanaisdc athanaisdc5 days ago I doubt that. 1 Farrell Anderson Farrell Anderson1 week ago The first thing I thought when I watched and listened to the Vegas shooting video you are referencing is the shooter may have been using a fully auto AK with a drum feed. 4 Scott Stamm Scott Stamm1 week ago I was thinking more on this too. Not sure about a drum, but 30-40 round mags. Maybe AK47, AK74, SKS or similar. Jim Trouten Jim Trouten1 week ago Farrell Anderson same here provishky provishky1 week ago Farrell Anderson Same thing I thought. É Silada É Silada6 days ago The lag on the cycle really looks like it. Benjamin Lang Benjamin Lang4 days ago You mention the flood lights several times in the video. I'm a musician for many years, and the SOP for emergencies in concert situations like this is to put the "house lights" up, so that people can see and hopefully get away. Outdoors, they always use flood lights like the one seen in the video. They actually use them to clear concert halls at the end of shows as well. 3 Matt Smith Matt Smith4 days ago I was there, on the right side of the stage and I could tell that they sound was coming near the MB casino. I took cover behind a BBQ that was next to the stage, I thought at 1 point I heard two different shots being fired, at the time I was thinking he was at street level and LE was shooting back. I counted 5 reloads. 3 inge smit inge smit2 days ago Matt Smith srry you had to go through. Do u still think 2 shooters or more? What about lights going off while people lay dying ...? Dao Vang Dao Vang6 days ago I'm no side kick or anything but I know for sure is more than one shooter. Plus more than one gun was fired.... feds are hiding something for sure 3 Scott Walker Scott Walker6 days ago The supposed reason for the lights coming on was for people to evacuate. I know that it doesn't make sense because it lights up the targets. Question: around 3:30 there was a voice that said "grab the fucker". Was that person talking about a shooter? Obviously you could not "grab" someone 32 stories up. This whole thing smells rotten. 3 Genesis CNC Genesis CNC6 days ago I think it was "Get the F*****"... 2 Jomarmarmar Jomarmarmar6 days ago yeah in normal emergencies they always turn the lights on.. almost like a movie theater when someone pulls the fire alarm... it also helps to find the gunman, but in the case he or they were perched in a hotel room across the way 1 Gin J Gin J6 days ago Why would someone say we can't go yet? I would already be on the run, if my husband wasn't laying on top of me. 2 Josie H Josie H5 days ago Gin J because they weren't sure where the shots were coming from. Rather be sure to not run towards the shooter. (My thoughts) Scott Leoski Scott Leoski5 days ago Genesis CNC get that fucker Tamara Davis Tamara Davis5 days ago how do we down load this video? i want it saved so that it is not taken down 3 Chacha D Chacha D5 days ago Tamara Davis you can look up YouTube mp4 converter EJ Love EJ Love5 days ago Clip grab Jeremy Jeremy4 days ago B B B B1 week ago I don't agree with the assessment that the shooting was being done by an M-62 NATO machine gun. Although the cyclic rate of fire seems similar, you can get just about the same rate of fire from a Bump-fire stock on an AR-15, which would be much more portable because of its smaller size, and you'd be able to transport more ammo easily because of the lack of belts - which would have to be transported in ammo cans, far more identifiable to hotel personnel if not somehow camouflaged; and the amount of ammo fired would also belay the portability. A bumpfire stock is legal and much more available, and would produce just about the same cyclic rate as the M-62. 3 Genesis CNC Genesis CNC1 week ago And I don't agree with your assessment. 8 Corrosion37 Corrosion371 week ago Youve never used a bumpfire stock have you? 1 Flyin Ryan Productions Flyin Ryan Productions1 week ago I have a bump fire. Absolutely not that. I have it on a bushmaster m4. Higher caliber for sure. Multiple shooters anyway. Listen to first few mins. 1 Christopher Roskosh Christopher Roskosh6 days ago Would have to have a lot of trigger time to reliably fire a bump stock for that sustained amount of time. 2 lifebreath77 lifebreath776 days ago (edited) It it absolutely not a bumpfire stock. Cyclic rate is too slow. I know personally. This is a belt fed weapon. 2 Xstreamaudio Xstreamaudio6 days ago B B you could get the same rate of fire from a bump stock but not the continously fired sound without pauses for mag changes..had to be belt fed and definitely more than one shooter 2 Jed b Jed b3 days ago I am an Iraqi war veteran. I think everything you're saying is spot on. It sure sounds like a SAW and a 240B to me, until the controlled bursts come in to play, which sound like 3 round bursts from an AR15/M16/M4. I am wondering if some of the higher pitched sounds were just the crack from rounds breaking sound barrier, but that doesnt explain everything away. As for the lights..I think they were just your typical "house lights" that are brought up, probably by habit, from the audio video staff whenever the show stops or if an event occurs such as this. I'm speculating that staff either panicked and didn't know what to do, or simply took off for cover, hence the lights stay on. It's unfortunate either way as I'm certain more lives were lost due to this. Thank you for the time and effort it took to present this, this issue needs to be addressed and not ignored. AATW 2 R23JR R23JR3 days ago Direct quote regarding bullet size, from a friend on Facebook: How many different caliber of rounds have they pulled out of the victims? One of my subs told me today that his buddy got hit in the leg with a .40 cal. Pretty sure that's not a rifle round and that round is definitely not going to travel that distance. 2 All About Dem Gains All About Dem Gains6 days ago Clearly some burst shooting, so there's more involved. Makes me wonder why it isn't being reported this way? 2 Jeanette Sanderson Jeanette Sanderson3 days ago Check out on this video - 29:37, where you can see a person over the spotlighted Harvest building moving to the right on the top of the building. 1 Chris Caldwell Chris Caldwell3 days ago Remember that video of that one guy who was looking around to see where the shots were coming from and once he found where the shots were coming from he gave them the finger? I would love for someone to find that guy and ask him where he was looking at because he supposedly saw the shooters or else he wouldn't have given them the finger 1 Chris Caldwell Chris Caldwell3 days ago Right here: Tom King Tom King4 days ago (edited) Long time Audio/Radio engineer: I too have taken time to find training videos from USA and other weapons and believe that the first shots (during music) were consistent and SLOW compared to subsequent fire. Using audio editing software it comes closest to M60/M249 rates...I did not find good M240 audio to compare. Later volleys were much more inconsistent rate of fire (also more 5.56 "crack" in the report). 1 Genesis CNC Genesis CNC4 days ago Its not a M249, the cyclic rate of the M249 does not match. Analyze this... 1 Shane Sykes Shane Sykes4 days ago Dude thank you. You have touched on every point I have been going over with people since Monday morning. You are literally in my brain. I hope you get more information I will follow and I hope this helps these simple minded sheeple to wake up a day see the obvious. THANK YOU! 1 apprentice bladesmith apprentice bladesmith5 days ago Watching your video on my phone I swear I hear a third weapon during the long burst you focused on sounded even further away possibly another belt fed with shorter bursts behind the "suppressed" bursts... That being said very good video even to a combat vet you did your research and that can be nearly as good as experience 1 Apex Tyrannis Apex Tyrannis6 days ago At least 2 shooters, DEEP STATE FALSE FLAG! 6 America First America First1 week ago LAS VEGAS SHOOTING - CLEARLY A SHOOTER ON THE 4TH FLOOR (FULL VIDEO) 4 Henrik Lidström Henrik Lidström6 days ago Hi. I was watching the fox live feed, with the guy pulled in from covering OJ. And there was blinking light from that location, and he actually commented on that. I'll see if I can link it somehow when I get on the computer. To video maker, thank you for this video. I also can not ignore the fact that it's at least two shooters. peolesdru peolesdru6 days ago A credible theory is that the lower floor blinking was a strobe. fearbabyriffs fearbabyriffs6 days ago Most videos do not support the strobe theory. There are currently two videos being spammed as "strobe light" but they don't match many several more videos from different locations that match yellow muzzle flash/sound cadence of gunfire. 2 Chrissy Simons Chrissy Simons6 days ago Check out the flash on 4th or 5th floor Chrissy Simons Chrissy Simons6 days ago Check out see the flashes on the lower floor, in the centre joethafoe joethafoe6 days ago These are the odds that come into play when thinking strobe light. Someone would have had to brought in the strobe light the exact day there was to be a shooting to have it going the exact time there is active shooting almost simultaneously almost matching up to rate of fire of the flashes by accident. What's the odds of that? 1 Not A Unicorn Not A Unicorn5 days ago Where did this video go? 1 America First America First1 week ago There is a video of muzzle flash on the 4th floor. Check it out 2 Devgru Devgru6 days ago M249 SAW POWER! 2 MrJamma Jammin MrJamma Jammin6 days ago shell casings?? they showed the room and the guns, but missing are the shell casings 2 Indylimburg Indylimburg7 hours ago Tour to AFG, have trained on 249, 240, PKM, along with training to accurately fire full auto on the m4 and AK. I agree entirely with your analysis. Before any reports of types of weapons, my brother (recently back from Iraq) and I both agreed that the main opening bursts were a 7.62, NOT 5.56, and that it was most likely belt fed. I specifically mentioned the PKM as a possibility due to being a favorite on black markets and because of the non-disintegrating belt. Also, I agree with your observations about accuracy at that range. To fire a fully automatic AR in long 100 round bursts at that range (without jamming is another topic) you would need sand bags on top of the barrel to keep it level. It is difficult enough to keep a full auto shoulder fired weapon accurate at 20 meters, let alone 350m+. I have yet to see anything on bump stocks that leads me to believe that accuracy, at similar rate of fire, can be maintained beyond a few dozen meters. With the extended bursts, the barrel on an AR would have been white hot and near melt down. Great analysis. You are asking all the questions I am. Keep up the good work! Henrik Wallin Henrik Wallin9 hours ago Even deeper analysis here to compare with: "Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre" Nan M Nan M12 hours ago Check this video! Totalitarian TV Totalitarian TV14 hours ago Coinspiracy Theorists, coined by the CIA, is someone who questions known liars.... Police change timeline, say Vegas gunman shot security guard 6 minutes before opening fire on concert Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner. Patria Liberty Patria Liberty16 hours ago (edited) 258398 views as of Monday October 10. In case the view count gets "mixed up" in the future. Because YouTube algorithms should not mess with patriotic questioning critical thinking and intelligent discussions by placing only liberalismedia as authoritative and worthy. This video and the comments in response would make the founding fathers proud and exemplify the spirit of America. God bless the truthseekers and God bless the U.S.A.! Emily Blackstone Emily Blackstone19 hours ago Have you seen this clip? Proves more than one person shooting. Annette Marie Annette Marie21 hours ago This video must go viral. The evilness of this act must be shown with the same amount of blinding light that these innocent people had upon them as they were being gunned down. Annette Marie Annette Marie22 hours ago Thank you for making this video. We were there and everyone round us felt there were multiple shooters. Thank you for this. Temptuous2112 Temptuous211223 hours ago 0:46 gunfire in the distance that is being misconstrued as an echo; Kaiz 808 Kaiz 8081 day ago u can see a bullet hit the cup next to the girl in one of the videos Leah M Leah M1 day ago I am really surprised more people are not asking WHY THE FUCK THE LIGHTS WERE TURNED ON!!!! In the footage from the rooftop you can see the area is relatively dark. If the lights were not on, the shooters wouldn't have seen where to shoot as easily. I work in lighting and someone needed to do that. Its not like the lights default to spotlights. Smithjac USMC Smithjac USMC1 day ago Have you seen the "leaked" room pics? Surfire 90 rnd mags, stacked by a pillar, not enough brass on the deck to account for the quantity of fire...and bump fire at 500+m..?,! No possible way to be effective. Oh yeah, where's the smoke, enclosed space, hot barrels, synthetic fiber carpet and furniture, no burning anything. doc martins doc martins1 day ago The first set of shots is two separate guns listen a little Fight Clip Films Fight Clip Films1 day ago Also just to point this out, in the body cam footage from one of the officers you can clearly hear single shots ringing out in the middle of one of the shooters automatic bursts. iYegor Enjoy! iYegor Enjoy!1 day ago angle of shooting at tarp fence makes sense in terms of direction. single accurate shots and then rapid fire? or one shooter spraying and praying while the other is picking them off? Hyped23 Hyped231 day ago I agree with this analysis. I live in vegas and know a lot of injured people. Hope we can get some real answers from someone. I believe it is a 7.62 belt fed because the rate off fire seems slightly slower than a m249. Also Agree possible suppressed weapon closer to crowd, but there are some newer videos in which you can hear single pop shots before the belt fed starts. No speculation on that yet. There are also 2 weird towers under construction right behind where the stage was, apparently they have stairs and give a way closer and better vantage point over the crowd. I have not verified what these 2 towers are but they are still under construction and fenced off as of now. Julie Procter Julie Procter1 day ago Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It must of taken awhile and to everyone making the time to make information like this known to the public since clearly we CANNOT TRUST MSM! I really hope this doesn't get taken down, people need to see this. Seriously anyone conflicted about their being more then one shooter needs to see this. Regardless of what guns were used (although I fully agree your right) there's no doubt multiple shooters. J. Tor J. Tor2 days ago Very well done young man! Excellent video. You pose no assumptions just asking questions. Questions we ALL should be asking. As write again BRAVO!!! Keep asking those questions, they WILL lead you to truth. Amen son Sherrie Hall Sherrie Hall2 days ago Thank you for educating those of us with no knowledge of these type of rifles! Michael D. Langiano Michael D. Langiano2 days ago I was not there. I am not a veteran. If the planning of this was beyond a level of an amateur(s) is it possible that the lights were turned on for a very evil reason. Could the close in suppressed shots the video maker points out possibly be coming from a shooter located up in the scaffolding that holds the lights. If so, it would be like someone holding a bright spotlight and shining it in your eyes at a few feet distance. You are blinded and cannot see the person holding the spotlight. Could the powerful lights above the stage hide a muzzle flash? But you would still hear the firing as shown in this video. A low probability but just saying. Kate Catinella Kate Catinella2 days ago This is the most impressive analysis I have heard so far on types of firearms and how they sound when discharged and as compared to live footage during the actual shooting. No lone shooter here. Likely not even by Maddock. Apple Bag Apple Bag2 days ago fish in a barrel Apple Bag Apple Bag2 days ago 240 lima Apple Bag Apple Bag2 days ago just listen to the cycle rate Apple Bag Apple Bag2 days ago clearly could hear a belt fed .308 Dydreth Dydreth2 days ago Would suppressors also limit or eliminate muzzle flash? If so, that might account for why people were unable to locate the shooter(s). Edward Konowicz Edward Konowicz2 days ago Thanks for the very informative analysis. This is heroic to do this. Blake Johnson Blake Johnson2 days ago The more I watch this the more pissed off I get...why are the authorities not addressing this? There are obviously multiple guns being fired at the same time and at no time can you see any muzzle flashes from the area of the hotel where Paddock was supposed to be shooting from. Excellent video. Don't apologize for making it. Thank you for posting it. Solution Empathy Solution Empathy2 days ago Yes , very good observation ! Very sickening  William Pucci William Pucci2 days ago Audio has convinced of multiple shooters. I think the lighting man/woman made a gigantic mistake by leaving the exit lighting on. If anyone has been at a big show especially outside they throw on the big lights to let people know there will be no more music and its time to leave. The light shows your way to the exits. Could be part of the programmable lighting board which should have been turn off. Just my opinion. Thx for your hard work. PetersonJuli PetersonJuli2 days ago Thank you for putting this information together in a way that people can understand. From day one none of the sounds have lined up to just one person. Let's hope that the loved ones of the victims seek answers and demand truth about what happened. They deserve that at the very least! groundpounder24 groundpounder242 days ago Not to sound dramatic but when I first saw the footage my brain was flooded with memories of my time in the Army. I believe I hear a 5.56 belt fed and .308/7.62x51 belt fed as well. Now to watch the video. ETA: I also live near the national forest where prospective Rangers go through the mountain phase of their training. I've camped out there countless nights with belt fed fire going on throughout the whole night. They are obviously firing blanks though, not as loud as live ammunition but the cadence and sound of the weapons remain the same. DanielleMarie DanielleMarie2 days ago Those lights thou, spot lighted in all angles. I was wondering this the whole time. It’s extremely weird to me DanielleMarie DanielleMarie2 days ago Great job on this video, very eye opening. Very well put together . Thank you Masau Masau2 days ago Excellent ! I can't believe I over looked the lights . I checked other videos and as soon as the performers ran off stage the lights were out and then the people were spotlighted . That alone greatly increased the body count . Nivek S Nivek S3 days ago Damn, man, you pretty dang knowledgeable! Much appreciated, I was led here from a comment on Truth Stream Media. Good work. Monsterbaby Monsterbaby3 days ago (edited) Definitely two separate weapons. It does make it harder with sounds bouncing off the tall buildings. Typically at the end of concerts they turn on the bright lights so people can exit safely, but with this the bright lights are on during the shooting then they get turned off, after the shooting had stopped, while people are trying to do triage to the dead and wounded. Makes you wonder if was for maximum carnage and effect. EC66OK EC66OK3 days ago Lighting up the crowd was the very first thing I noticed. Who is the light man for this concert? Also, if there was a second shooter closer to the crowd, where would they "conceal" themselves? To my mind, a shooter with a suppressed M-4 would be best concealed in those light trusses, concealed in light, as it were, muzzle flash further obscured via suppressor and blinding crowd lights. David Mcnerney David Mcnerney3 days ago Its a shame this is so obvious.But how do we get enuff outreach to make a difference. crabtrap crabtrap3 days ago the very fact the FBI/LVPD hasn't held up 2 or 3 rifles and said "here are the weapons used" is very strange, they normally show you right away. in sandy hook they showed an AR15 when the kids were shot with a handgun. jpashley5 jpashley53 days ago I'm an audio engineer (15 years) with touring/FOH experience. That spotlight is almost certainly the scene that was left up by the LD. The crew (FOH engineer/LD) made panicked split decisions. I'm sure the mains were muted by FOH, and a default or random lighting scene was selected by the LD and they hit the deck/took cover/ran etc. It's possible he/she thought they were helping, by illuminating what they may have thought was the aftermath of a crime scene. Assuming Jason's crew were not covert agents (which I believe is reasonable) someone participating in the act would have to have executed that move. It's unlikely in my opinion that an agent/terrorist/etc could step in and access this system, and select a specific lighting preset on the fly, in that amount of time. These lighting consoles use proprietary software, that varies between manufactures, with the operators setting up the system to their personal preferences, with user specific layouts. Even pros would need time to step in and flood the front of house that quickly. Just wanted to offer that. Thanks for your comprehensive compilation and analysis. Chris Trauth Chris Trauth3 days ago I wasn't in the venue but I was sitting at Luxor at about 10:07 just south of the entrance. I then drove out of Luxor property to Mandalay Bay Rd at 10:08 heading east toward the concert venue and made a right turn onto Las Vegas Blvd. There were 2-3 police cars which turned on their sirens and hit the gas as I was turning onto LV Blvd. I kept heading south away from the venue. My point to all of this is that I didn't hear any gun shots. I dropped someone off at Excalibur at 10:05 and drove to Luxor so the 10:05 is the one definite time but I know I sat at Luxor for at least 2 minutes and was on the south side of the property near Madalay Bay. Pete Gerard Pete Gerard3 days ago Wouldn't ballistic examination identify if the bullets came from a single weapon, or any of the weapons in the hotel room? Mandy McCaw Mandy McCaw3 days ago Great analysis. Thanks Lolly Ward Lolly Ward3 days ago I’m sure the autopsy will reveal if bullets all came from the same distance/direction. Justmythoughts Justmythoughts3 days ago Wow this is amazing detective work Buddy. You have a great ear. I was already convinced there was multiple, but you just confirmed it. Great work. Sadantnan L Sadantnan L4 days ago Synchronized videos. Stuart Holden Stuart Holden4 days ago Excellent, insightful analysis. Thanks for posting. Dan Reidy Dan Reidy4 days ago ILLUMINATE HARVEST Carmen Oneal Carmen Oneal4 days ago nailed it, said this exact same thing before and thank you for making this video. I've never been so disturbed by something before in my lifetime, and this cannot be swept under the rug. Jae Bolin Jae Bolin4 days ago The fuel tanks by the airport is about 100 meters and a direct shot in the killing field.. Could that be where they were? Steve Heinemann Steve Heinemann4 days ago Listen to this cab driver. She is near one of the shooters and you can hear the other far away. Jim Medina Jim Medina4 days ago If you look closely to the lights above the stage it looks like someone was walking up there. Could be nothing but it's worth a look Don Grove Don Grove4 days ago Fantastic video thankyou and very true I agree and have learned abut from your video. Bless you from Sydney Australia  Tony O Tony O4 days ago not only suppressed ... its 3 round burst... Think about that one.. Terri Cordell Terri Cordell4 days ago The lights did actually go complelty out, right when the band exited. Then a few seconds later a light brighter than ever. I immedialty thought why would anyone do that? lividmachine lividmachine4 days ago 36 outta the 59 people that died were from California. 16 were latino 1 was Filipino, 3 were Cheks. 5 of them had government level security clearance, there was at least three shooters two of which were dressed as security guards, 13 of the 59 were killed after the lights for the stage area were powered off, Paddock worked for the IRS during the Conservative and Tea Party targeting and when they bought 3 million rnds of Ammo and several hundred AR 15s, paddock's SE plane was secured by the government in 2011, The M.G. owner dumbed over 300 thousand Stocks, he also had employee incentives for donating to left wing organizations including CAIR, iver 400 rounds were shot but only found 5 dozen shells in the room, Antifa pamphlets and other material was in the room, two meals were ordered twice to the same room, police released crime scene photos before any official investigation had taken place, two different splatter marks behind the head of the corpse; one dry and one recent, girlfriend was found in the airport lobby say ""they're" going to kill Americans", it took 72 minutes for police presence to the concert area when there is a police station 2 1/3 mile away, two terrorist organizations take full credit for the Massacre, Democrats had a bill for gun restrictions 9 hours after the event, the only shooter in American history to have "no religious or political affiliation". Liberals are blaming Trump and the NRA but said nothing during the the last Administration with 162 mass shootings; Christians, Militia, and again -the NRA were blamed. This was a Liberal Deep State operation to undermine the second Amendment and the Nevada Casino Sharks and their law enforcement were complicit in a deadly conspiracy to decimate conservatives in retaliation for Trump. To liberals: There are over 90 million gun owners of many races and colors and there are at least 5 times that in weapons and 40 times that in Ammunition, a guaranteed 70% of the Gun owners are either current or former military and can shoot a antacid tablet off a coke bottle at ten paces iron site. They teach their kids how to use them too. If you guys are trying to illicit an armed response, you may want to reevaluate your position. Chase Lord Chase Lord4 days ago have you not seen the taxi pov? more clear than this and without a doubt two shooters. Michaela Mason Michaela Mason4 days ago Watch THIS... it the first video I’ve seen where it’s all compiled Melissa Towbin Melissa Towbin4 days ago You should work doing this, You are very good at it. I hope it's at LVMPDs doorstep. Wil Wilkins Wil Wilkins4 days ago Thank you for your analysis. You clearly understand your Craft. It would be my opinion that you almost have an obligation to notify the LVPD and contribute your insight & knowledge, which is obvious & vast. Thank you again. Storm Singer Storm Singer4 days ago Has anyone seen the leaked photos of the crime scene? Zorayda Nevada Zorayda Nevada4 days ago Born to be wild Born to be wild4 days ago (edited) If that's not a planned professional hit I'll kiss your ass. "Both calibers" Both magazine and belt fed. "Scouts Out" That's the first thing I noticed while it was happening. Multiple weapons at one time and the hi/low pitch plus the rhythm and length of bursts. The main part that made me start looking into this closer are the reports that the sheep are swallowing and the Left agenda response as well as Clinton opening her pie hole. There's a lot of bad MOJO going on. Blu Hat Blu Hat4 days ago (edited) You can filter this, but here's a question regarding a video that looked like a security guard or someone in a uniform, everyone said he pulled up a flash light ( could be Tactical Flashlight ), I maybe seeing things, but it looked to have a clip, the uniformed guy took a firing stance also, have you seen that video? Suzee Q Suzee Q4 days ago Excellent video of making sense of this event. A friend just texted me this: I just heard back from my friend whose son is a Valet at Mandalay Bay. He is OK, was actually at the concert, and was able to escape. But get this...he valet parked the supposed shooter's car! I don't know about you, but I would not valet my car if it was full of guns and ammo, would you? friend replied today. She also says that the FBI WILL BE interviewing her son. If that guy really did it, wouldn't they have already talked to her son???? Suzee Q Suzee Q4 days ago no casings on the carpet and no burns 1 Joan Forest Mage Joan Forest Mage3 days ago Anymore information you can share about the car, such as what type of car it was? Or the valet's interaction with Stephen Paddock? Robert Shrewsbury Robert Shrewsbury4 days ago I see what you are saying and your observation is astute! Thank you ever so much! Heather Ward Heather Ward4 days ago In one video I watched. A guy was running around the grounds asking who needs medical assistance. He was checking pulses and so forth. He comes to a woman with a man in her lap. She says he's been shot in the head but he is alive. Look here is the entry and here is the exit. First thing that popped in my mind was fmj ammo and how the helldid he get so many head shots from that distance? Ben Thair Ben Thair4 days ago Dude, you make a good argument! Emy Leyva Emy Leyva4 days ago When it comes to the light. There was a woman working as a bartender in the VIP area. She said that once Jason Aldean exited the stage. The flashing light came on. Shooter got on stage and started shooting at people in the crowd and then VIP. She said she hid behind the bar. She says she saw a shooter walk by and heard him shooting. Somehow he managed not to see her. (Supposedly. I am not saying this is true. But it was someone's testimony as to what happened) If her story is true, maybe the lights were turned on so people don't see them. I know a light is flashed at me, I can't see behind it. Kind of like officers do to not be seen while being recorded. Ce Chays Ce Chays4 days ago ALSO police scanner stated also shooter on 15th floor- that is far from the 4th and the 32nd. Jennifer Caton Jennifer Caton4 days ago (edited) Excellent analysis! --- my only disagreement is the flood lights. The EMTs were begging for them to turn the lights on so they could find the wounded. I get it ...I'd want the lights out to, but there was a conflict. This video shows the "light" problem. baranda61 baranda614 days ago Yeah I agree.. you will hear a crack and then a thud when the rifle is firing. The louder the two noise gets the closer you are to the gun fire.. The gun fire sound shouldn’t be that loud at all. Mike Tokes just posted something interesting on twitter about how someone knew before hand about how something like this might occur! Eric Sousa Eric Sousa4 days ago It makes sense to me. Combat engineer here. Beth Strycharz Beth Strycharz4 days ago Sounds right to me. FBI others s/be looking at this, good info. thnx. surfmonster2323 surfmonster23234 days ago This is a Guy I know (Joe) who was at the concert. He is being interviewed on a show he is regularly on. Focus on the 13:09 point, he is talking about CASINGS on the GROUND at the Tropicana. The whole video is about his experience that night. surfmonster2323 surfmonster23234 days ago Here is a follow up interview with a Very experienced Veteran asking Joe very good direct questions I think you will find both of these videos helpful. I totally agree with what you are putting down as well. Here's the other video Ryanhdd Ryanhdd5 days ago maybe he was using two guns at the same time? however that does not seem logical to me bc it sounds like its coming from two locations. Rose of Sharon Homestead Rose of Sharon Homestead5 days ago Thank G and all the Vet here to expose the Truth. My husband and I are not Millatary but we are advid hunters and shoot often at the rang. We new after the first audio there was a min of 2 shooters and it was no AR doing it either. So the question is folks, who committed this Atack on the American People and WHY is our Gov hiding it??!! Stephen Detweiler Stephen Detweiler5 days ago Thank you for the break down the best so far and confirms my thoughts from what I was hearing and what I know from experience to be true IMHO. Humbert Fernandez Humbert Fernandez5 days ago You nailed it, Genesis CNC. Definitely more than one shooter. This corroborates what some of the witnesses said they heard. Question: if the Paddock was shooting from the 32nd floor of the Casino hotel. why don't I see any muzzle flashes? Jamie McCullough Jamie McCullough5 days ago If you watch the taxi driver video outside of Mandalay Bay it proves there are two shooters. You can see the muzzle flash coming from 4th or 5th floor. I am sure you have seen it but it proves without a doubt we are being mislead about this shooting Miguel De Dios Miguel De Dios5 days ago First gun sounds like this m240 ian Stewart ian Stewart5 days ago Totally observed what you say about the light too. When I saw it, it just seemed odd. Makes everyone there sitting ducks. The stage was shut down and those lights come on - eerily sinister. drumSick drumSick5 days ago Good work! The truth must come out on this. watertree1000 watertree10005 days ago At 29:47 you can see a cup get hit by a bullet! :o J B McThree J B McThree5 days ago Excellent Analysis about as objective and detailed as can be. Respect !!! Shaney Shaney5 days ago Wow! Thank you! KelM8YT KelM8YT5 days ago Another video that makes the two separate guns very easy to hear. Listen around 2 minutes. dragonheadtriad dragonheadtriad5 days ago First time I watched that video I even commented while watching it with two friends that that was a belt fed and referenced the saw, the first shots defiantly were but they were being fired by a non professional that doesn't know how to handle a heavy machine gun also commented when I heard the assault rifle kick in by a more experienced shooter cause he was using bursts meaning he was actually aiming and picking targets, you can also hear a different assault rifle that is being handled by a non professional where he's simply emptying clips I've seen a bunch of different videos of it and there's no doubt multiple weapons were being fired and at breif times at the same time I'd say 2 shooters and one was switching between weapons. Pi Neal-Gland Pi Neal-Gland5 days ago Multiple shooters..all below 32nd floor..and on ground.No shots from 32nd..The Angle would have exposed the shooter on the 32nd. Its obvious it was a fucking massacre.Spotlights on..and purposely turned on. Hugo Molina Hugo Molina5 days ago I believe you’re on point, I also feel that who ever was recording this hears where the shots are coming from and that’s why they turn the camera... both to the stage and the Mandalay, I’m just thinking that i would be doing the same if I’m recording to use as proof. It is minimum two shooters. Food for thought “ this was a terrorist hit and they don’t want to say it to prevent profit loss to Las Vegas... or a conspiracy to distract america from something bigger going on?” . Great video Krista Claxon Krista Claxon5 days ago I've been saying the same things you are after seeing and hearing all of the videos. You can clearly tell that the gunshots are close and far away. How would it be so loud that far away!?!?!?!? I've also been wondering why in the hell they turned off all of the neon lights on stage and then turned on the spot lights?!?! WTH?!?!? Michael Nedreski Michael Nedreski5 days ago Excellent video. The big factors will be the angle of entry and exit wounds and possibly bullet impact directions in the pavement and in objects in the area. I would think they already know those things and publicizing them would do no harm to a "lone" dead shooter. If more information isn't publicized soon than it's easy to deduce that there was alot more at play. And seeing as your video did such an excellent job of proving in my eyes there were multiple shooters using American made firearms, it isn't hard to see how the pieces fit in the puzzle. Thanks for the time you put into this. CJ S CJ S5 days ago Very interesting and informative my man. You should be on the investigation team. You know your guns. Arrow Durfee Arrow Durfee5 days ago (edited) you need to load this on bitchute video service. Youtube is deleting these types of videos like crazy. thanks for your work. 1 Tony77J Tony77J5 days ago He is 100% right. NEW VIDEO of exactly what he is pointing out. 5:05 on this link 1 Tony77J Tony77J5 days ago Best video showing 3 different friggin shooters!? Lee Hoffman Lee Hoffman5 days ago The lights that are turned on are called crowd blinders. They're used for special effect when they want the audience to sing along or to emphasize an exciting part in the music. In case of emergencies they're turned on as flood lights so that everyone can see to exit the area. The lighting operator did his job perfectly. Joe Blow Joe Blow5 days ago Awesome piece of work! David L Pipkin David L Pipkin5 days ago Thank you for making this video. Excellent info, and honest questions and analysis. God bless you, sir. Andrew Panken Andrew Panken5 days ago This video clearly shows firing at much closer range. Please give us an opinion. chris denison chris denison5 days ago 28:57 28:58 your video time shows man in police or security yellow vest firing into crowd from crowd. cw gf cw gf5 days ago This is a superb analysis. Looking forward to more. Who would have the motive, will, organization and resources for this heinous act? I can think of several. Etta Hasnogoats Etta Hasnogoats5 days ago Great comments. My ears are not too trained. I have fired a M16 on automatic. I could hear different sounds coming from different locations listening to all of the online videos. I was asking early on how do you explain the different sounds. I could not think the shooter was firing more than one weapon at the same time, as well as different locations. Marco Polo Marco Polo5 days ago Check this guy out. Cleo Cleo5 days ago The light is simply explained by the fact that the cameras filming the band, and being projected on the stage, went off/were turned off and the main stage lights lit up, just as they would before and after a concert. Anyone who has been to a concert would remember this after the encores.Whether that was intentional or just as a consequence of the lighting guys panicking is up to you to decide. Corey Roberts Corey Roberts5 days ago Genesis CNC I have a photo a buddy just sent me that I think you may want to look at, whats the best way for me to get it to you? David Yergensen David Yergensen5 days ago A very well done comparison and analysis of the weapons most likely used at the Las Vegas shooting. Nannette Bursiaga Nannette Bursiaga5 days ago wow.. So when will they find out where the other shooter or shooters were shooting from? They should search every avenue at this point... OMG... Open your eyes folks.... Don't be so immature Don't be so immature5 days ago Geez after all this time - some actual forensics. AMonikaD AMonikaD5 days ago Wow, that's good research! Glad you posted! FarmerC FarmerC5 days ago Anyone denying multiple shooters has yet to investigate stickyhammer stickyhammer5 days ago +Genesis CNC, I TOTALLY AGREE! Obviously at least two different locations!!! And NO, its NOT an Echo!!! stickyhammer stickyhammer5 days ago +Genesis CNC, you should listen to the entire Las Vegas "Police Scanner" recordings... Civilians where trying to steal COP CARS and Shotguns from Cop Cars... There was also a White Car, driving the WRONG WAY, toward Mandalay Bay" There was also a Black "Dually" reported leaving the scene... Also another officer talking about an Older White Male in all black fatigues w/large black bag... Jesse Miller Jesse Miller5 days ago God bless you, my friend. The best video of this event online. Thank you. Keep up your work. It is very, very, very much appreciated. Lacey Lounsbury Lacey Lounsbury5 days ago Since day one.. My husband and I both agreed that this was a job. It's too controlled not to be and yet terrifying enough to put people on edge. Thank you. Brandon Lalanne Brandon Lalanne5 days ago Victoria Demanuel Victoria Demanuel5 days ago I was there...and I am curious to know if you think anyone was on foot? Jacob10000 Jacob100005 days ago The timing and sound varies. That tells me that there are more than one, of a similar firearm being discharged. Both have a slower rate of fire than that of an M4/AR15 slidefire. I initially thought slidefire because of a variance in rate of fire, but definitely hear 2 different firearms now. The coroner should be able to see a difference between .556 and 7.62. The beat frequency alone proves more than one gun at the same time. Engaging targets? From that distance, I would imagine that it was a general "spray" in a certain direction. What was the percentage of "headshots" vs other "hits"? That may indicate whether it was a targeted or spray aiming. The excessive lighting is very interesting. Was it for visibility for the shooter/shooters, or for the people to see where they are running? pavXX pavXX5 days ago Good vid. That light was the first thing I saw with the initial footage. So sad.. Complete moron that turned them on, and left them on. Cost a lot more lives. Good point on the angle. I would imagine just shooting downward from that position, on a bipod, would make things a little tough. He had to be on something elevated in the room. Also, with the muzzle flash; possible he was shooting through the curtains? I'm with you tho. Had to be more than 1. jerryjamify jerryjamify5 days ago What's strange to me is this was picked up by a youtuber and not a trained investigator. But lone wolf was the guilty all along. A Turcu A Turcu5 days ago (edited) Wouldn't being perched behind the spotlights be the PERFECT spot for a shooter? Here is another vid of the two guns shooting at once recorded by someone else. Mford1212 Mford12125 days ago (edited) Multiple Police officers reported a shooter at gate 7 on the scanner. Pictures of the venue show no gate 7. There are two gate "2" Also a live leak video shows a man checking victims. The first one he checks has no visible signs of being shot. Not knowing the exact circumstance (fear, blackout, shock) it is suspicious. He checks pulse on others. Excellent video Grim R Grim R5 days ago Watch this one as well. Definitely more than one shooter. Rick Mitchell Rick Mitchell5 days ago Nice job on this! I hope some day the truth comes out! belaireguy411 belaireguy4115 days ago Totally lit up, totally bullshit. Semper Fi. Joshua Hipp Joshua Hipp5 days ago Good video......Also, former Navy seal mentioned could have been possibly an M-60 7.62mm as well. Chris Carlsen Chris Carlsen5 days ago Two things around 9 minutes into your video you can hear multiple shooters (at least two, there are points I wonder if I hear three). The cyclic rate of fire is more reminiscent of belt fed 7.62 than 5.56. It has that dull thrum with a slight pause between each round being ignited. Another thing is that you hear fire at different distances, pitches, and directions which leads me to more than two shooters. I heard this a lot in Sadr City. I do not believe any of the weapons had a suppressor. Genesis CNC Genesis CNC5 days ago The cyclic rate is too slow to be from a M249. What I believe to be the suppressed M4 (best guess) running subsonic ammunition is far more difficult to hear (by design) as the controlled bursts only occur under the "acoustic cover" or "cover fire" of the automatic fire. Subsonic ammo requires the shooter to hold up closer to the target. Tell me, with automatic fire, from a distance of +/- 518 Meters, with a bump fire stock, what are the chances the shooter would be able to put three rounds into one guys chest? - Give your honest opinion... Then listen to this interview and tell me your best guess. Chris Carlsen Chris Carlsen5 days ago Genesis CNC I never said American made. I was thinking more like a PK(M). Also with a bump stock you have less accuracy. Controlled bursts from a machine gun easily can put multiple rounds into a target. Granted I never heard controlled bursts. I heard guns talking and that machine gun had to be walking all over the place. Jason Booth Jason Booth5 days ago 100% accurate Seahawks12th51 Seahawks12th515 days ago There is a video I’ve seen where you can clearly see muzzle flashes coming from about the 12th floor... im wondering if you’ve seen this? Genesis CNC Genesis CNC5 days ago Provide link or your comment will be deleted. Annette Curry Annette Curry5 days ago Annette Curry Annette Curry5 days ago UNITE AMERICA FIRST UNITE AMERICA FIRST5 days ago I suggest everyone download this video before it is removed.... To much good info in this video for them to let it stay! Annette Curry Annette Curry5 days ago what about the 4th floor video of gunfire? would diff angle ATOWN AXA ATOWN AXA5 days ago Watch the so called police officer in the video. When he enters the screen on the bottom left, he appears to shoulder a weapon and shoot a quick sweeping burst to his right. Freeze frame it all the way through him while he's in the bottom right corner. When you watch and analyze closely you can see him shoulder a weapon and fire. The people in front of him even react by ducking. There were multiple shooters and he's one of them right in the middle of everything ATOWN AXA ATOWN AXA5 days ago Bottom left corner of the screen* Genesis CNC Genesis CNC5 days ago Here is a far less nefarious view of the same incident: Jasdeep Kaur Grewal Jasdeep Kaur Grewal6 days ago Jedadiah and Dawn Stewart Jedadiah and Dawn Stewart6 days ago I didn't think of the spotlights being turned on, until you pointed it out. I just watched this video on LiveLeak (graphic) but as the scene cleared, the lights were turned off to "secure the scene"... the person who was speaking to the man videoing, said "everyone here is deceased" which was clearly not true... 1 Dominick Hockett Dominick Hockett6 days ago Outstanding Genesis CNC I thought the exact same thing. I have been trying to tell everyone that it was a 7.62 belt fed weapon. Although I think both were used one from the 32nd floor and one from the 4th. The sounds are distinct. I'm glad you made a video of this. Craig Johnson Craig Johnson6 days ago I think you're spot on with this video, excellent breakdown and analysis. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Ray Eby Ray Eby6 days ago and they said there were multiple shooters. Ray Eby Ray Eby6 days ago your info on the type of guns he used is spot on. survivors I spoke with at the barricades said it had to be belt fed or drum. Ray Eby Ray Eby6 days ago I used to work for the company that did the lighting for this concert. they use a lighting console called the Roadhog and everything is pre programmed. I know the guy that was running the lighting and can guarantee he hit that setting in a panic to make sure everybody could see to get out of there. In order to do that, somebody would have to know which setting those lights were set on because that board has dozens of buttons and hundreds of pre settings. Gamblerscop Gamblerscop6 days ago yea but when your shooting a belt fed weapon into a crowd of 22k people all shoulder to shoulder it doesn't seem all that hard to shoot someone in the head. Shane Carles Shane Carles6 days ago Who's to say the police weren't shooting at the window of the hotel room they may have spotted after the original set of shots rang out? Patrick Thomas Patrick Thomas5 days ago Shane Carles - there's no indication of that happening. No bullet holes surrounding the window. They can't just shoot haphazardly up at a hotel with innocent bystanders in nearby rooms. Justine Newman Justine Newman6 days ago Look at 20:14-20:17 ish on the video- you see a flashing light towards the middle of the building where it bows inward about quarter way up when the shots are being fired. Pay close attention I noticed it a couple times when he continued to go back and replay replay it. Joshua Hatfield Joshua Hatfield6 days ago Thanks for taking the time making this. Very useful to help me get my point across to others. Best informational video I’ve seen on this yet Mitch Chechik Mitch Chechik6 days ago I think this video makes some compelling points that shouldn't be ignored. It seems that there is more to this Heinous act of cowardice than anyone one will ever tell us. Office Accounts Office Accounts6 days ago “We were hiding in the bushes outside waiting for the police.” Mr Hodge said he was staying in room 32134 while the gunman was in room 32135. “It was a machine gun from the room next to me,” he said. “My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.” Xstreamaudio Xstreamaudio6 days ago Lights where used to blind them from the barrel blasts southofheaven88 southofheaven886 days ago SOMEONE MENTIONED A "SAW" AND GAVE A LINK... SOUNDS VERY CLOSE ! mountainghost556 mountainghost5566 days ago You called it. Cody Seymour Cody Seymour6 days ago Go to 3 min mark.Bullets flying by and bouncing off things makes a high pitched sound. Julie Kilcoyne Julie Kilcoyne6 days ago Don't know anything about guns, but you have shown very clearly to me, that there are definitely 2 guns. The spotlight thing blew my mind. Anonymous IX Anonymous IX6 days ago Thank you so much for this analysis. I have no background or education in firearms. I thought, though, that I did hear two weapons firing simultaneously. I live in Las Vegas and I worked the Strip for years driving taxi. I am retired. I am also extremely familiar with MGM Village and the Route 91 Festival. As an explanation, whenever a concert finishes, they turn on those bright lights to aid people in exiting the event. At the beginning, no one evidently knew from where the shooting was occurring. I can understand the lights coming on initially. However, I agree with you. I cannot understand, except for fright and failure to understand the situation, why the lights weren't doused. These people were highlite and extremely soft targets. I thought about the light almost immediately upon seeing footage from the scene. The cement canyons created by the vast buildings; flat, sandy soil; odd, winged construction of the hotels; and usually cloudless Vegas skies create extremely false impressions with sound. Sounds bounce and reverbate from any and all directions. I have sat on the Luxor stand with an automobile race underway at MGM Village and heard weird, anomalous sounds which didn't even sound like they were coming from the black-topped Village area. Just weird and a note of caution. Last point, where would a retired accountant/real estatre developer get a belt-loaded or extended-drum weapon (which, after your comments, I'm absolutely convinced he used)? Who would want and pay for this catastrophe? This point remains the most salient and in need of probing. Marco Polo Marco Polo6 days ago This may confirm you 2nd shooter Charlie Red Charlie Red6 days ago (edited) We need someone to count the shots to help the correlation of belt versus magazine versus drum. That is a stats I would like to see. The only explaination for the spot lights is to help security see who's doing the shooting and to prevent potential trampling. Garrett Cox Garrett Cox6 days ago The higher pitched sounds are bullets passing by. When fired, a gun makes two noises. The shot itself, and the bullet breaking the sound barrier. David K David K1 week ago Very educational thanks.. aba cadabra aba cadabra1 week ago can you link the raw footage you are using? cisewskidavidl cisewskidavidl1 week ago Thank you for making the video. We all need to take a hard look at this and figure out what really happened. KWIZ DOT KWIZ DOT1 week ago WATCH THAT VID NOW! MCMXC999 MCMXC9991 week ago @Genesis CNC frank squicciarini frank squicciarini1 week ago The lights are a sop for almost every concert when it's over. It's so people can see where they are going. In this case someone turned them on(with no knowledge that it could make it easy to see targets) thinking it would be better to have everyone be able to see where they were running. It's an unfortunate catch 22. Mistress JHolly Mistress JHolly1 week ago I think u are on to something significant. Two windows are open on one side of the hotel.

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