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Monthly Archives: January 2017

This blog will serve the purpose to update our Customers as to the status of production on our .308 80% Lower Receivers, Polymer AR-15 80% Lower Receivers, and new developments in jig engineering and compatibility:

.308 Lower Production Update:

Right now we are complete with our first article for production and are currently in production. We anticipate shipping the first parts within 1-1.5 weeks time. See below short video of our first article off of the machine:

.308 Lower Jig:

Right now wie have our jig design in stock (less than 50 at this time) and we intend to fire-sale the remaining jig assemblies we have in stock in order to open up for the next development in jig engineering.

5D Tactical Jig (Complete your lower in Under 30 Min. with a Router):

For some time there have been jig designs available which allow the user to complete their 80% Lower with a Router. Unfortunately, our 80% .308 Lower has not been compatible with the jig systems which have been available, however, we have identified a new jig design developed by 5D Tactical, a Massachusetts based company, which is compatible with our .308 Lower!

Now, we have no co-ownership, shared ownership interest with 5D Tactical other than recognizing the fact they have developed a fantastic jig design which allows users to complete our lower with tools available commercially off the shelf, in under 30 minutes time.


Ever since  the BATFE conducted a coordinated shut-down  of all machine shops facilitating users to complete their 80% Lower Receivers back some time ago:

5D Tactical JigThe most asked question has been, “Great, how do I finish your lower now?” – And while this was not a problem for the person who owns a mini-mill or other such type of expensive equipment, this left the majority of the buying public on the sidelines due to the prohibited costs in procuring the required equipment to allow for and facilitate the completion of the 80% Lower. This is of course, the logic behind the BATFE coordinated shutdown some time ago.

However, the answer to this specific problem set lies in the engineering of the jig system. With the Jig System designed by 5D Tactical – The Genesis .308 Lower can now be completed in an inexpensive and expeditious manner – therefore, opening up our product to a significantly larger customer base.

After test fitting a Genesis .308 80% Lower Receiver into the 5D Tactical Router Jig System, 5D Provided the following comments:

Your lower fits great! The take-down pins interface perfectly, the side plates do not touch the sides of the lower, the buffer slant clears the guide plate, the buffer adapter threads in nicely, and the router adapter can move freely about the FCG pocket guide cavities without interference.  – Andy (5D Tactical)


See below videos of the 5D Tactical Jig in Action:



Polymer AR-15 Lower

We have made some changes to our Polymer AR-15 Lower Receiver – responding to customer feedback from our previous production runs. One primary design change is to alter the trigger guard to allow for compatibility with the PMAG Version 3. See below image which illustrates the change in the trigger guard profile:

Genesis Polymer AR-15 Lower - Trigger Modification

Genesis Polymer AR-15 Lower – Trigger Modification

Right now the plan is for the mold changes to be complete on or about February 8, 2017 and from there we plan on starting our next production run. Assuming no complications with the implementation of the current design changes – we anticipate shipping from the next production run within 1 – 1.5 weeks from Feb 8, 2017.

In addition, we are planning to start a production run of rear-take down pins which will be sold separately.

We are also in the process of confirming compatibility or our Polymer AR-15 Lower with the 5D Tactical Router jig  (results expected within 1 week). – We anticipate with the 5D Tactical Jig System, one of our Polymer lowers could be completed perfectly in less than 20 minutes.

Our plan is to offer the Jig and the Lower together in one package, but sell the rear take-down pin separately from this point forward.


The Genesis Total Research Project (GTRP):

We have developed a cutting edge link analysis web application which can be used for any research project which requires scouring the internet to identify information and relationships. In the past, this kind of software has been reserved for law enforcement and intelligence agencies (local, state, and federal) – The GTRP algorithms generate link analysis diagrams automatically and our tool is available to the public – which has never been done before to our knowledge.

This is a massively powerful software application to those who are willing to learn how to use it – FYI – It can take 10-15 minutes of familiarization.

For those who are information consumers. rather than producers…we have started a GTRP Featured Content page, where those with Publisher Accounts are able to publish there work. These posts are essentially blog posts where the summary provides the Publishers summary of findings, but the most important aspect of the Full Post is the Subscriber can view and interact with the Link Analysis Diagram generated by the Publisher during their research on the subject – Again, this is a first of its kind.

You can demo a Full Post Right Now completely FREE here:

We profit share 60% with our Publishers. We are always looking to recruit users for our Publisher Accounts – So if you are out there and would like to participate – EMAIL US!


Genesis CNC

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