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Most people know those words made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Terminator movies, but they are also the last words of Vince Foster. Hours after telling his staff “I’ll be back”, Foster’s body was found in Fort Marcy Park, after supposedly taking his own life.
There are so many questions and inconsistencies about the death of Foster, that I cannot get into all of them here, but we will look at a few of the standout issues in this case.

Professional Observers

Many people may not understand what a “Professional Observer” is, but they are all around you every day. Anyone that becomes a Police Officer, Firefighter, Park Ranger, Medical Examiner, Detective or Investigator is trained to observe. The classes for observation and report writing take up more of your training than anything else. This is so when you report something, it is taken as accurate and above reproach.

Rarely do “Professional Observers” need to change their reports unless it is to add additional detail. Yet in the case involving Vince Foster, professional observers completely changed their reports, not adding detail, but completely changing what they had initially reported, and not just one person either.

Park Police Investigator John Rolla changed his statement and suddenly recalled more blood than he originally reported was at the scene. He changed his deposition statement from saying he took photos of the back of Foster’s head to say he “did not” take those photographs but that he only intended to take them.

And most importantly, he changed his testimony that he had “emptied the pockets” of the deceased to he “did not reach into the bottom of the pants pocket.” This will become a major issue as the deceased supposedly drove to the location to commit suicide, but no keys were found at the scene.

Fairfax County Officer David Tipton contradicted the previous testimony by Investigator Rolla, who said White House Aides William Kennedy and Craig Livingstone were in the room with the Foster body by saying that they only viewed the body through a glass window. It was around this time when Foster’s car keys suddenly appeared back in his pockets.

Firefighter Todd Hall changed his statement from him hearing and seeing someone in the woods to saying it “must have been traffic” on Chain Bridge Road. Paramedic Richard Arthur changed his previous statement that he was “100 percent sure” he saw a semi-automatic pistol in Mr. Foster’s hand to say instead, he “must have been mistaken.” And, Firefighter Jennifer Wacha changed her statement of never seeing a gun at the scene, to saying that it was consistent with the one found at the scene.

Another big change for several professional observers is that Park Police Technician Peter Simonello, Park Police Investigator Christine Hodakievic, Dr. Donald Haut, and Investigator Renee Abt, all changed their statements to say they saw a pool of blood under Foster’s head when they had previously reported they saw almost no blood at all.

Fort Marcy Park

Patrick Knowlton, a building contractor, just completed a hot day’s work, finished a cold beer with friends and headed for the 2-hour drive home. At 4:30, he turned his car into the parking area of Fort Marcy Park, a quiet park rumored to be a rendezvous spot for homosexuals and illicit drug exchanges. Knowlton claims he was unaware of this, but needed to relieve himself on the secluded hillside.

As he pulled his car into a parking space, on his right, two spaces over was a blue-gray, late model automobile backed into the space. The driver appeared to be closely watching the front entrance of the park, and Knowlton had an eerie feeling about him. As Knowlton exited his car, that feeling was enhanced by a very menacing look from the stranger, who looked more like he was straight out of a James Bond movie.

Knowlton admits the intimidating demeanor of this stranger unnerved him.

To his left was parked an unoccupied mid-1980’s brown Honda sedan with Arkansas license plates. As he started from his car toward the footpath, Knowlton heard the blue-gray sedan’s door open.

Apprehensive, he walked to the sign bordering the footpath entrance to the park and feigned to read its historical information while glancing to his right to see if the man was approaching. He saw the man leaning on the roof of the driver’s side of the sedan, watching him intently.

Knowlton then cautiously proceeded 75 feet down the footpath’s left fork to the first large tree. This was in the opposite direction from which Vince Foster’s body would soon be recovered.

While relieving himself, Knowlton heard the man close his car door, but because the foliage was so thick he could not see the parking lot and hoped the man was not following him. As he walked back to the parking lot, he looked around the parking area, but did not see the man. He then walked directly to the driver’s side of the Honda and then around the back of it, observing and remembering several items in the back seat.

He did this to try and determine the location of the intimidating stranger. He was comforted to see that the stranger was back behind the wheel of his own car, even if still staring at him.

Of the things Patrick witnessed at the park and in the car, the mid-1980’s rust-brown Honda itself is the most relevant and would become the root of Knowlton’s future troubles. The car was not Vince Foster’s car, but when Foster’s body was discovered approximately 70 minutes after Knowlton left the park, the autopsy and other forensic evidence showed Foster had been dead for much longer than that, so how did he drive there?

Special Agent Larry Monroe falsified Knowlton’s story by misreporting to the Office of Independent Counsel that Knowlton had identified the rust-brown car he saw at the scene as a “1988 to 1990″ year model. This identification would have matched better with Foster’s 1989 (silver-gray) Honda, except that they could not coerce Knowlton into agreeing to the lie.

When Knowlton was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in 1995, he began to encounter coordinated harassment whenever he left his apartment. Several plainclothes strangers would approach him from all sides. Some were well-dressed in suits; others were in casual attire. On another occasion, one stranger confronted Knowlton and reached into a shoulder bag, as if going for a gun. Reporter Christopher Ruddy also witnessed this type of intimidation when he once went for a walk with Knowlton.

Why Foster?

In his 1999 book, Crossfire, former Arkansas State Patrolman L.D. Brown, who served in Governor Clinton’s security detail in the 1980’s, sheds some light on a motive, if not for the actual murder, at least for Hillary Clinton’s rushing to capture/destroy evidence by sending Maggie Williams into Vince Foster’s White House office just an hour after the body was found.

From Chapter Five on his book comes a story of the wife-swapping group’s nights out on the town, which, according to Brown, was more of an ordinary situation rather than something exceptional or a one-time event.

“It would be a night that would demonstrate just how the ‘understanding’ worked. It would also serve to confirm in no uncertain terms who Hillary’s ‘significant other’ was…”

“By this time Vince and Hillary were looking like they were in the back seat of a ’57 Chevy at the drive-in. Hillary was kissing Vince like I’ve never seen her kiss Bill, and the same sort of thing was going on with Bill and Beth. Mike and Lisa [Foster]’s oblivion to the escalation of the amorous activity left me bewildered. No one seemed to notice me, except for Vince who would give the occasional furtive glance, sometimes accentuated by a wink…”

“Hillary Rodham loved Vince Foster, let’s put that issue to rest right here. It has amazed me that the subject has been taboo in the ‘mainstream media.’ Especially after he committed suicide, a serious discussion of motive could not be undertaken until that variable had been included in any hypothesis.”

It should be noted that although Brown does say that Hillary loved Foster, she also berated him in front of White House aides about a week before his death, many feel that this could have triggered a suicide.

Missing Information

Daily Mail Online learned that the FBI agents’ reports of interviews documenting Hillary Clinton’s stinging humiliation of her friend Vince Foster in front of White House aides are missing from where they should be filed at the National Archives.

On two separate occasions, a box of documents said to contain those reports was provided and while the box contained dozens of FBI reports concerning Foster’s death, including interviews with the medical examiner, U.S. Park Police officers, and White House aides about the contents of Foster’s office, the reports on Hillary Clinton’s role in his death were absent.

After filing a Freedom of Information request with the National Archives, Martha Murphy, the archives’ public liaison, reported that she directed a senior archivist to conduct a more thorough review of the relevant FBI files, including those that had not been previously made public in response to FOIA requests.

“He examined all eight boxes but found no interviews by any investigator that detail either a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster or the effects of a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster on Vince Foster’s state of mind,” Murphy reported in an email.

“We did not limit ourselves to interviews by the two individuals [FBI agents] you mention.”

While confirming that the records could not be located, John Valceanu, the archives’ director of communications and marketing, held out the possibility that the FBI interviews were not filed where they should have been and were somewhere else in the more than 3,000 boxes of records amounting to 7.5 million pages generated by the Kenneth Starr investigation.

This is not the first time documents related to the Clintons have apparently vanished from the National Archive. In March 2009, the archives found that an external hard drive from the Bill Clinton White House containing confidential documents was missing.

When the hard drive could not be located, the inspector general’s office announced that it had opened a criminal investigation and offered a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to recovery of the hard drive.

Strange how information that could be used against the Clintons’ always seems to disappear or get deleted.

There is so much more to this story, photographs have disappeared and strange occurrences such as the gunshot residue on Foster’s hands shows that he was fighting off an attacker rather than firing the gun with his thumb. Remington cartridges were found in the “official” death weapon, but Ball Smokeless powder was found on his body. Remington has never used this powder in the manufacture of any of its 38 caliber cartridges.

Try putting some of these names or incidents into GTRP and see what more you can discover in what is certainly one of the most bizarre and complicated murder or suicide cases in modern history.

Bill Kendall

Of course they do, but it is questionable if they all matter the same to the people stopping traffic with signs that say “Black Lives Matter” or “Stop Police Violence” as the black lives that matter to them only seem to matter when taken by a police officer.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – August 13, 2016

Two uniformed officers pulled over a car with two people inside it around the 3200 block of North 44th Street at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 13.
“Shortly after stopping the suspects, both occupants fled from the car on foot. The officers pursued the suspects, and during the foot pursuit one officer shot one suspect, armed with a semiautomatic handgun,” police said in a press release. 23 yr. old Sylville Smith died at the scene, police said.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the two officers involved in the chase and shooting were both wearing body cameras, and the cameras were operational. He said the officer ordered the man to drop his gun twice and then fired several times when he refused. Barrett said a photo from the body camera clearly shows Smith had the gun in his hand when he was killed.

Police said the other suspect, who has not yet been named, was taken into custody and is facing charges. The shooting came after five fatal shootings during a nine-hour stretch from Friday night to Saturday morning. It occurred just blocks from three of those homicides, police told the Journal Sentinel.

“As everyone knows, this was a very, very violent 24 hours in the city of Milwaukee,” Milwaukee Police Assistant Chief Bill Jessup said. “Our officers are out here taking risks on behalf of the community and making split-second decisions.”

Protests Become Riots

There were no protests about the 5 others killed between Friday and Saturday morning, but protests did arise from the police shooting of Smith. It did not matter that the police officer that shot Smith was also black, or that Smith had a stolen firearm and refused to drop it.

Those protests as we all know, did not remain peaceful. The protests led to looting and unrest in the city that night, with several buildings, including a gas station, auto-parts store, hair salon, bank and liquor stores set on fire.
Rioters were also firing shots which kept the first responders from being able to render aid to burning businesses. As the situation went from protest to riot, officers got into their cars trying to leave when people in the crowd started smashing the windows of their squad cars.

Several police cars were damaged. One was set on fire and two others were hit by rocks and other debris, sending one officer to the hospital with a head injury.
“Once again the police have failed to protect us like they say they was going to do,” Smith’s brother, who did not give his name, said. “If we don’t have anyone to protect us then this is what you get. You get riots. We losing loved ones every day to the people sworn in to protect us.”

He said, “it’s the police. This is the madness that they spark up. This is what they provoke. This is what you get. You taking get a lot of people that’s hurt and they can’t vent the right way. So this is what you get. We not the ones that killing us, ya’ll are killing us. We can’t make a change if ya’ll don’t change.”

Of course those statements by Smith’s brother are not factual as 94% of black men and killed by other black men according to FBI statistics. According to FBI data, 4,906 black people murdered other blacks in 2010 and 2011. That is 1,460 more black Americans killed by other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968, according to the Tuskegee Institute.

Police are not the problem. At the current rate of blacks killed by police, it would take the police 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in just 2012 alone.

What Is the Real Cause of These Riots?

If it isn’t really the police at fault, who’s fault is it? Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke, believes there is a serious social problem at the heart of the unrest and the incidents with police nationwide.
But he thinks racism is not the chief cause. Clarke said the police shooting Saturday was simply an “igniter.”

“Here is what causes riots,” he said. “We have inescapable poverty in the city of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is sixth poorest city in America. You have massive black unemployment; I think at 32 percent. You have a failing K-12 public education system. It’s one of the worst in the nation. You have questionable lifestyle choices. Some of this is self-inflicted. All the kids with no fathers around, father, absent homes. When fathers are not around to shape behavior of young men, they often times grow up to be unmanageable misfits.”

Sheriff Clarke cited statistics that show about 70 percent of the children born in Milwaukee don’t have “an engaged father in their life,” he said it’s “progressive policies that have marginalized black dads.”
“They push them to the side, said you’re not needed. Uncle Sam is going to be the dad. He’s going to provide for kids. He’s going to feed the kids,” Sheriff Clarke said.

“But Uncle Sam has been a horrible father. Uncle Sam does not like the kids. He keeps a little food in their mouth and that’s about it. But we all know the importance of an intact family, what it can do to shape behavior of kids.”

“This has been a total collapse, a disaster,” Sheriff Clarke said. “These progressive policies have hit the black community like a nuclear blast. And until we reverse this, this government dependency, that is what creates all of this, and it encourages it by the way, along with questionable lifestyle choices.”

The sheriff said that “until the black community does a self-evaluation and until they begin to self-criticize about some of the lifestyle choices they are making, this stuff is going to continue to fester and it’s going to continue.”

Sheriff Clarke specifically called on Milwaukee’s “political class,” led by “progressive Democrats,” to be honest and admit the government dependency they have established has “backfired.”

The sheriff, however, advocated gradual reform, saying “you can’t pull rug out from under people all at once. Let’s slowly start to reverse this and make people, make people reach for self-sufficiency. Over time you can reverse this.”
He charged that progressives are motivated by “black votes” and maintain their power by “keeping black people hooked on the high of handouts.”

The Media Strikes Again

CNN reported that Sherelle Smith, the sister of Sylville Smith, the armed man shot by Milwaukee Police, was calling for peace on the streets in her neighborhood.

Calling its report “Residents try to heal,” CNN showed only few seconds of the words uttered by Sherelle Smith, the young woman’s edited comments make it seem as if she was calling for peace, but a closer look at all her comments, reveals that rather than just calling for an end to the destruction in her own neighborhood, she actually asked the rioters to take their destruction to the suburbs.

In the clip CNN showed, they said that “Smith’s sister Sherelle Smith condemned the violence, saying the community needs the businesses affected.” Then they cut to Smith who is seen saying, “Don’t bring that violence here.”

However, what she actually said was, “Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

Later Ana Cabrera from CNN tweeted: “We shorthanded sister’s quote. Unintentionally gave the impression she was calling for peace everywhere.”

How many things like this is the media getting past us though? They barely admit fault when caught outright lying or deceiving us when they are supposed to be presenting an unbiased look at the truth. Can we actually take anything presented by the news as factual anymore?

This is more than taking things out of context, this is a deliberate twisting of facts going on as has also happened recently with presidential polls that were manipulated to show a different outcome.
Always research the facts on your own.

Bill Kendall

You may remember what we called Gunpocalypse occurred on Friday July 1st in California as the anti-gun politicians gutted and amended bills to shortcut the normal bill process and slam thru some of the most restrictive gun laws ever proposed.

And Governor Jerry Brown signed some of the worst of the bunch submitted to him. These laws turn most centerfire semi-automatic rifles into banned assault rifles, ban any magazine over 10 rounds (including existing grandfathered magazines), ludicrous ammo registration and fees, registration and serialization of home built firearms (The BATFE doesn’t even require this), and make you a criminal for allowing your best friend to shoot your rifle.

Lawmakers like Kevin “Ghost Gun” deLeon, Rob Bonita, Marc B. Levine and Isadore Hall III thought they finally had the better of California’s gun owners with their actions. Statements like, “This is California; we don’t pay too much attention to the Constitution,” made by Public Safety Chairman Reggie Jones Sawyer, D-Los Angeles have become normal in California, they simply don’t care if they violate the principles of the country they reside in.

Move or Fight

This has been the choice for most gun owners in California for the last 30 years and many have fled the state as they saw legislators chip away at the Second Amendment until it really has no meaning at all anymore in the Golden State. But not everyone is willing or able to move to another state, nor should they have to.

California is a beautiful state and has everything to offer from the oceans to the mountains and the deserts to the valleys, but it has a sickness called liberalism that has been eating away at it for a very long time. Sadly, so many have fled that it could be too late to overcome the massive numbers of brain dead Democrats that continually vote for politicians and laws that will eventually cost them their own lives, but we haven’t given up yet.

Pens First, Guns Second

An armed uprising could be the end result, but for now, gun owners are fighting back with pens rather than guns. San Diego businessman Barry Bahrami filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office on July 15 to repeal seven new anti-gun laws signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The laws are set to take effect in 2017, but Bahrami and legion of Second Amendment activists are planning to stop that from happening with the power of the pen.

“We have more than 1,600 volunteers and 300 locations all over California who have signed up to participate in this effort. Petitions are now printing and we anticipate starting a massive petition drive around August 12th,” Bahrami said in a interview.

It is a huge task for a grassroots group: gather a minimum of 365,000 signatures from registered voters on each of the seven different petitions and turn them into the Secretary of State’s office by Sept. 29 to qualify for the November general election, a very short window of just over six weeks.

Aside from the seven anti-gun laws they are trying to overturn, there is also a petition for an initiative to require digital signatures on petitions going forward. If this was already the law, then opposing these runaway legislators could be done with very little cost. The politicians of course like this process to be difficult and expensive to keep citizens from challenging them. Enabling digital signatures on petitions will resolve that problem and bring the power back to the people of California.

And the last petition is to allow jury trial rights for child custody cases. This initiative was already teamed up with the digital signature initiative when the vetogunmageddon group started out. The group owes a lot to them and would like people to support both of these additional bills.

A website is available to get the word out to the state’s estimated 13 million gun owners, provide information about the issue, a searchable map where petitions will be available to be signed and collect donations to cover costs. As of August 17, they have raised $59,658 out of an estimated $70K needed to cover printing costs and expenses. 100% of the proceeds are going towards printing and distributing petitions for the referendum.

What Is This All About Anyways?

The gun owners are opposing the bills signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July, 1st, 2016.

These bills are detailed in this previous article: California’s New Gun Control Laws Also targeted by the petition drive is Gavin Newsome’s Safety for All Act which will be Proposition 63 on the November ballot. The humorously named “Safety for All Act” will only make it safer for criminals to operate in California by:

• Punish the victims of theft or loss of firearms for not notifying the police quick enough.
• Ban the possession of +10 round magazines.
• Confiscate legally owned +10 round magazines from law abiding people the state promised people who already owned them could keep them when they banned the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacture of +10 round magazines previously.
• Does not compensate owners for taking their property.
• Requires background checks when you buy ammunition.
• Presumed guilty until you pay the state to prove your innocence.
• Keeps records of gun owner’s purchases.
• Bans otherwise legal purchases of ammunition and limits availability of ammunition.
• Redundantly changes law in regards to access to firearms by felons, which is already a crime.

Proposition 63, nor the seven laws already signed by the Governor do anything to take the guns out of the hands of criminals. There are no new penalties for gang members caught with guns or for anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime.

These laws only take away from law abiding gun owners, and it looks like the gun owners in California have had enough of that. Expect recalls for legislators who continually attack the Constitutional rights of its citizens, they may not succeed, but they will drain these politicians’ reelection funds and make them vulnerable during the next election cycle.

Of course, all these efforts could fail, but if the pen doesn’t work or the politicians continue to disarm the citizens as they are exempt from their own laws as well as protected by armed bodyguards, the guns could come out after all.

Bill Kendall

Of course we have all heard about the numerous deaths that surround the Clinton’s rise to power and that continued to silence those that might have had information detrimental to their continued success, but most of that was in the past; however, four new deaths appear to be connected to the Clinton’s in one way or another.

Seth Conrad Rich – July 8, 2016

27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Conrad Rich was shot and killed just after 4 AM in Washington, D.C. Shortly after the killing, social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was on the way to talk to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.

However, no ongoing court case can be found that involves the Clinton family and 4 AM is just outside the normal working hours of the FBI. Rich’s mother told the media that her son’s “hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything.”

Rich was discovered by police who were patrolling the area who said that Rich was conscious and breathing at first. He was talking on the phone with his girlfriend when the shooting occurred and told her not to worry about it when she heard a noise. His murder is being looked at as a robbery gone wrong even though nothing was taken.

Connection to the #DNCLeaks?

Rich’s job as a data analyst at the DNC have fueled claims that he was responsible for the email dump that brought down Hillary Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and shed light on the corruption involved in the Democrat Primary process.

Julian Assange added more fuel to those claims in an interview with Dutch television station NOS, a public broadcasting company, on Aug. 8. The conversation about Rich follows:
Assange: “Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material, often very significant risks. There’s a 27-year-old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered, just two weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington. So…”

Anchor: “That was just a robbery, I believe, wasn’t it?”
Assange: “No, there’s no finding. So, ah – “
Anchor: “What are you suggesting? What are you suggesting?”
Assange: “I am suggesting that our sources, ah, take risks and they, they become concerned to see things occurring like that.”
Anchor: “But was he one of your sources then, I mean?”
Assange: “We don’t comment on who our sources are.”
Anchor: “But why make the suggestion about a young guy being shot in the streets of Washington?”
Assange: “Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States. Our sources, ah, our sources face serious risks, that’s why they come to us so we can protect, ah, their anonymity.”
Anchor: “But it’s quite something to suggest a murder. That’s basically what you are doing.”
Assange: “Well, others have suggested that. We investigated to understand what happened in that situation, with Seth Rich. I think it is a concerning situation. There is not a conclusion yet. We wouldn’t be willing to say a conclusion yet, but we are concerned about it. More importantly, a variety of WikiLeaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens.”

Julian Assange also announced that WikiLeaks would offer a $20,000 reward for information about Rich’s death in addition to the $25,000 reward listed by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Victor Thorn – August 1, 2016

Victor Thorn spent much of his adult life and career as an investigative writer and researcher. The focus of his efforts was often the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, and what he had to say about the pair was rarely kind or positive. He was known among conspiracy theorists for his anti-Clinton articles and books.

His latest book, Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House, has been doing incredibly well, and his fans and supporters believe that his criticism of Hillary Clinton may have cost Victor Thorn his life.

His body was found on a mountaintop, near his home and on his property, and his cause of death was a single bullet wound to the head. The police have officially ruled his death a suicide, and his family does not dispute those findings. However, many are not convinced that the writer and vocal anti-Clinton researcher would take his own life.

Victor Thorn frequently appeared on radio shows and podcasts like the Russell Scott Show. Victor had been on Scott’s show twice and was scheduled to appear a third time next month. Russell Scott has been very skeptical of the official story that Victor Thorn committed and Scott’s Facebook page shows he isn’t buying the official story on his death. Scott has said that Victor Thorn had previously told him that he wasn’t suicidal and would never take his own life. He said, “Russell, if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

John Ashe – June 22, 2016

The initial word from the United Nations was that John Ashe died from a heart attack, but local police said that his throat had been crushed, presumably by a barbell he dropped while pumping iron. This mix up of course helps fuel rumors of something sinister going on.

Ashe was due to be in court 5 days later with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips. Ashe was elected president of the UN General Assembly and served from September 2013 until September 2014. In that time, prosecutors said he was part of a bribery scheme that involved more than $1 million in payments from sources in China for assistance in real estate deals and other business interests
Ng Lap Seng was named in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration. Ng was never charged with any crime however.

Ng and Trie had visited the White House several times for Democratic fundraising events and were photographed with then-President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton. Prosecutors could have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng during the trial though which would have been very embarrassing for the Clinton’s to have that dragged up again. His death was conveniently timed.”

Ashe’s lawyer Jeremy Schneider is sure Ashe’s death was an accident though. He said, “There is not one iota of evidence that it was homicide. This is nothing at all like Vince Foster.” Ashe was 61 years old.

Shawn Lucas – August 2, 2016

Shawn Lucas, a 38-year old process server, who served the lawsuit on the DNC at their Washington, D.C. headquarters on July 1, was found dead on August 2nd in his bathroom, of still-to-be-determined causes.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Washington, D.C. has still not released the cause of death for Shawn Lucas as of the time of this writing. Prior to his death, Lucas had gained social media attention through a video released of him serving the lawsuit papers on the DNC.

In the video, which has now been viewed over 435,000 times, Lucas compares the serving of this lawsuit to his “birthday and Christmas” all rolled into one. He happily calls out to the DNC representative who eventually accepts the complaint, “Thank you so much, we’ll see you in court.”

Many have suggested that Lucas’ death may have been connected to his role as the process server for the DNC lawsuit. He has even been listed as the “lead attorney” in the DNC lawsuit in some stories, but he was just one of the process servers who delivered papers to a DNC office. Lucas was named in a motion filed by the DNC, seeking to dismiss the suit on partial grounds of improper service.

There would be nothing to gain by killing Shawn Lucas however, it doesn’t make the lawsuits go away or any of the DNC’s other troubles, if it was another Clinton murder it would have to be purely for spite and retribution for Lucas’s gloating over the legal service. Of course no one has ever said the Clinton’s are not vindictive!


The sheer numbers of people in contact with the Clinton’s that have turned up dead from accidents, suicides or “natural causes” is simply mindboggling. The number of dead people connected to Bill and Hillary throw the averages out the window; their friends and acquaintances seem to die at about two to three times the rate of the friends and acquaintances for the average person.

It isn’t just the numbers though, it is the way they die or the lack of answers about the deaths that puzzle many and keep the questions coming.

Women rarely commit suicide with firearms, and pregnant women very rarely commit suicide at all, but Susan Coleman was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7 1/2 months pregnant in 1977. Her death was listed as an apparent suicide. Rumors circulating in Arkansas of an affair with her law professor Bill Clinton probably had nothing to do with it.

There are so many strange things involved in the death of Vincent Foster that I could write an entire article on it, or better yet, you could record one! Genesis Total Research
Project is actually offering $1,000 cash for the winner of Vince Foster: Project Reflection. Create your own video about this interesting case by August 31, 2016 and you could win big!

The stories of people killed by the Clintons is as interesting as the rebuttals to those stories, it is never proven that they actually ordered these deaths and yet the numbers of dead defy logic and statistical averages. Do some digging on your own, there are plenty of victims to research.

Bill Kendall

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