How many bug-out bags do I really need?

How many bug-out bags do I really need?

How many bug-out bags you need is a good question, but the answer is not the same for everyone. Are you actually planning to bug out or defend in place? That will depend on your location and the resources available to you. Do you have a rural home that has plenty of space for supplies and a good defensible position? You would probably want to stay and defend, unless you are next to a high-value target, in which case you need to leave quickly.

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California Fire

Lake County Fire – The End of the World Already Happened For Some this Week

As preppers, we often talk about the end of the world, but if you live in Northern California, you may be living it. As you have probably seen on the news, several wildfires are burning in Northern California that are causing massive devastation. The extreme drought has made the entire West Coast a tinderbox ready to explode through actions like a lightning strike, carelessness or deliberate action.

Lake County and surrounding areas, known for air so fresh and clear that residents suggested they shouldn

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Survival Kit Mistakes

Everyone should have a survival kit or bug-out bag. Actually you should have several bags with different purposes, in another article we will go into details about the different setups you need to really be prepared. Rather than talk about the different setups you need, let

80% solution

The 80% Solution for Staying Off Government Radar

It seems like every time you buy a new gun, there

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Are You A Prepper?

Are you a Prepper? Should you be?


Prepper (prep

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Your Next .308 Rifle: Build It, Don

So, you

Advantages of building your own .308 rifle: Control the process

The AR-15 (and by extension the AR-10) is one of the most popular firearms in America, earning the nickname