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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How many bug-out bags do I really need?

How many bug-out bags you need is a good question, but the answer is not the same for everyone. Are you actually planning to bug out or defend in place? That will depend on your location and the resources available to you. Do you have a rural home that has plenty of space for supplies and a good defensible position? You would probably want to stay and defend, unless you are next to a high-value target, in which case you need to leave quickly.

Why Are You Spending Money on a Gun You Don’t Actually Want?

So somebody told you that building your own .308 rifle is expensive. We ask you this:

Compared to what?

Building your own AR10 at home might seem expensive if you compare your custom built, long range hunting rifle to something like a standard AR-10A straight out of the box…but that’s the same thing as saying a custom Corvette is expensive because you can buy a used Daewoo for a few hundred dollars. To be fair, an Armalite AR-10A is not the quality equivalent of a Daewoo, but the same comparison could be made between an Aston Martin Vanquish and a Ford Escort. The writer just wanted to remind the world that Daewoo exists because it’s a funny word. Daewoo.


As preppers, we often talk about the end of the world, but if you live in Northern California, you may be living it. As you have probably seen on the news, several wildfires are burning in Northern California that are causing massive devastation. The extreme drought has made the entire West Coast a tinderbox ready to explode through actions like a lightning strike, carelessness or deliberate action.

Lake County and surrounding areas, known for air so fresh and clear that residents suggested they shouldn’t need to smog their cars, now looks like a war zone with home after home completely burned to the ground. The Lake County fire tore through 62 square miles in only 12 hours, causing thousands of residents to flee, and almost 20,000 were ordered to evacuate.

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Everyone should have a survival kit or bug-out bag. Actually you should have several bags with different purposes, in another article we will go into details about the different setups you need to really be prepared. Rather than talk about the different setups you need, let’s start out with some common mistakes preppers make when assembling a bug-out bag.

Get the right bag for the right job

One of the great things about training with a group is you get to learn from everyone’s mistakes, especially those new to prepping. Often you will see a case where someone ran to the store all excited about building their bug-out bag and they bought the biggest and most flashy backpack they could find. The excitement is great, but the preparation falls short. Does this bag actually fill the need?

It seems like every time you buy a new gun, there’s more paperwork to fill out, more junk you have to bring with you, more hoops to jump through and red tape to cut through and more people adding your name to some list for who-knows-what purpose. The national panic level has gotten so out of hand that your neighbors feel like it’s their business to know what you keep in your house…and what kind of grill you can buy, and what you can do in your own back yard, and what sort of music you can play during which hours of the day…

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Are you a Prepper? Should you be?


Prepper (prep·per) noun

  1. a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition and other supplies.

Many people have a twisted vision of a prepper as a bearded old man in the mountains, preparing for the world to end and armed with everything short of tactical nuclear weapons. Shows like “Doomsday Preppers” have some extreme examples of prepping, with underground bunkers costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or people preparing for some pretty strange scenarios.

So, you’ve decided to get a new .308 rifle, maybe a powerhouse like the AR-10. You like the reliable long-range performance…the perfect balance of power, precision, and low felt recoil…the fact that the original design was literally built for efficiency. It’s the perfect addition to any prepper’s gun safe. All you need to do now is take a trip down to your local FFL and browse the offerings, right?

The AR-15 (and by extension the AR-10) is one of the most popular firearms in America, earning the nickname “America’s Rifle.” Popular for decades, ownership of AR type rifles has exploded in the last couple of years. The industry has seen rapid innovation and a number of different brands offering products. In addition, the home-building market has taken off to the point that most major companies now offer parts and tools to build your own rifle at home. This has allowed more people the freedom to build their own rifles to their own specifications, and now many first time and veteran gun owners are asking the question: “Should I build or buy my next rifle?”

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